party on the dark side of the sun


-- चार हजार एक सौ तीस-छह --

Shobhit continues to work the Social Review system: we went out for Happy Hour right after work yesterday, giving him his fourth Social Review point for the fourth day in row. He's got a work shift all evening tonight, though, so today will break the streak. Today, Evan and Elden move in, as I'm meeting them at Central Cinema to watch "Science and Movie: JAWS." Jaws has long been one of my all-time favorite movies, and tonight will be the fourth time I've watched it this decade alone. But this will have a new context: with a wildlife ecologist on hand! I'm really looking forward to it.

But that's tonight! Last night -- or I guess technically, late yesterday afternoon -- Shobhit and I went to Poquitos on Pike and 10th, to take advantage of their sufficiently cheap Happy Hour menu. Last time we went, we had the quesadilla and chips with jalapeño queso dip. That was on June 5. Last night, we went with the Salsa Trip with tortilla chips, and a dish I don't see on the online menu, crisp tortillas wrapped around potatoes with a citrusy dip of some kind. Looking at the online menu now, though, I've decided we should try the Mole fries and especially the grilled corn. I don't know if the corn is still on their menu, though; I don't remember. I know the mole fries are.

We barely got there in time, after Shobhit drove home from his shift that ended at 5:00 -- which was just before I got home -- and we arrived with ten minutes to spare before Happy Hour was to end at 6:00. It was all we needed, though. Shobhit had a beer but I deliberately had a Zevia Cherry Cola with rum at home so I wouldn't need a cocktail there. We were there maybe fifteen or twenty minutes, but it counts!

Then we walked back home, did the New York Times crossword puzzle -- which we actually managed to finish, only having to look up a couple of the clues -- and watched Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and then the series finale of Bloodline. I found the conclusion surprisingly satisfying, after seeing relatively poor reviews of this third and final season, and knowing it ends ambiguously. But, I found it to be a fitting end, actually. It's the kind of end that works whether there's an expected follow-up season or not, and clearly when they were shooting they didn't know. But, each season hasn't been quite as good as the one before, and I think three seasons is a good enough run for that show. I just discovered I need to catch up on seasn two of HBO's Insecure, though; four episodes have already aired and I had no idea. There were only eight episodes of season 1, so if that's the case again then season 2 is already half over! I guess this means I can binge them, though.

-- चार हजार एक सौ तीस-छह --


-- चार हजार एक सौ तीस-छह --

Laney is going to have the party for her 60th birthday in the community kitchen of my building on September 30 -- great timing, her actual birthday lands on a Saturday this year -- and a fair amount of preparation has been going into it. She recently found three other women from the Seattle Women's Chorus to form an acapella quartet they're calling the B Naturals, and they're having their first public performance at an assisted living facility in Seward Park on Wedesday next week. I'm going to go and see it; part of their purpose is to provide free shows for seniors in such places, kind of as a community service. Anyway, Laney told me they're going to sing a few songs at her birthday party too, which I think is awesome. She's written a parody of George Michale's "Faith" called "Cake" that I told her is obviously mandatory as part of the set.

She's also asked me to make playlists for music to be played at the party. I've already created three: a playlist about getting older; a "Birthday Party" playlist (filled with songs about birthday, cake, and celebration); and a playlist of tracks by some of her favorite 70s and 80s classic bands and singers.

-- चार हजार एक सौ तीस-छह --

I've got a lot going on this week. Literally something after work every single day, since Shobhit and I did Happy Hour yesterday. Tonight the movie with Evan and Elden at Central Cinema. I'm going to see The Dark Tower with Ivan after work tomorrow, which is getting pretty bad reviews but I told him I'd still go see it with him if he wants, and he clearly wants company rather than going by himself. Thursday, in addition to lunch with Karen, I have dinner scheduled with Stephanie at Bamboo Garden -- something we scheduled for July back when we met for lunch during my Birth Week but she had to postpone. We'll see if she postpones again. Shobhit would have been able to join us had the dinner stayed scheduled for July but now he has a work shift on Thursday evening. Friday I'm going to the Three Dollar Bill outdoor movie showing of Beetlejuice at Cal Anderson Park, again with Evan and Elden; in all likelihood Shobhit will join us for that as he doesn't work at all on Friday. I wonder if Danielle would want to come?

Anyway, ironically, the first day I currently have nothing officially scheduled is Saturday. I do already have plans on Sunday, though: the "Chorus Family Reunion" for SLGC alumni that Laney is going to give me a ride to. I'd drag Shobhit along if he didn't have two work shifts that day. He and I had just gotten together mere months after I left the chorus amid the stupid controversy I came to call "Boobgate", in 2004. It should be interesting. There will be several people I know will be happy to see me; it's likely to be awkward with Shawna, who was one of my two primary adversaries during Boobgate. But, after all, it's been 13 years and that's a lot of water to have gone under the bridge.

I'm much more looking forward to the following weekend, which I'm taking as a three-day weekend and going to stay two nights at Dad and Sherri's house in Olympia. When Dad and I had to alter our Birth Week plans because weather was too crappy for our traditional bike ride, we agreed we'd take a bike ride later in the summer. And I came up with a plan that Dad liked the idea of: combine the bike ride with the same weekend Jennifer is hosting what we hope to become an annual family get-together at Mason Lake, the first of which was last year, the day after Grandma and Grandpa McQuilkin's memorial. That's happening on Sunday, August 20, and I knew Dad and Sherri were planning on going to that, which meant they would not be out of town that weekend -- and so Saturday the 19th would be the perfect day for the bike ride. I would come back home on Monday the 21st, and take that day off of work. God knows I can afford to; my work load has been ridiculously light lately.

Shobhit finally got his work schedule, so now we know what we can do on that Saturday: I'll ride my bike down to meet him where he gets off work on South Lake Union at 12:15; take the front wheel off my bike and store it in the trunk and partially through the hole created by lowering the backs of the back seats. He'll drive me down to Olympia from there; we'll have lunch at the restaurant; Shobhit will drive home. He was considering staying the night that night at first, but that's not feasible now that he knows he has to be back at work at 5:30 the next morning. I had been hoping there could be some way for him to be at least part of the family get-together, but he has two shifts that Sunday. I obviously won't have access to a car but can clearly get a ride with Dad and Sherri.

Back to Saturday, though, Dad is thinking we can take our ride in the early evening, when it's not likely to be as warm but there will still be a few hours of daylight. Apparently Gina and Beth may join us on the ride, which I would love to have happen.

Dad apparently has to work Monday morning on the 21st. So I'm not certain yet who I will be watching the solar eclipse with, but I'm sure as shit not going to be so stupid as to be on a bus while that is happening. So I'm not sure yet who I'll watch the eclipse with. Maybe Sherri will be home! I did get one set of viewing glasses from the library. I hoped to get two or three but they only allowed one per household. The eclipse is supposed to last in phases for something like an hour so obviously the glasses can be passed around and shared.

I just hope it isn't cloudy that morning. At least it's mid-August so it's far less likely than at any other time of the year.

-- चार हजार एक सौ तीस-छह --

I just spent a surprising amount of time out on the patio with a coworker who came to sit at the table I was at, who turns out to have a 15-year-old transgender child, who came out as trans only six months ago. So that was an exceedingly engaging conversation. The child's chosen name happened to have been his parents' second choice for a boy when he was born! I thought that was kind of extraordinary.

-- चार हजार एक सौ तीस-छह --