Birth Week 2018, Day Eight


It's seemed like a pretty full, long day today too, just for different reasons than it did yesterday -- and even though we only met up with one other friend today. Today was Laney's Birth Week day, although this year we really only spent about ninety minutes together, all told. But that's okay, because on Friday last week we had our April Happy Hour, and we spent a couple of hours together early that evening too. In the in-between time, she took a three-night, four-day trip to New Orleans, with her daughter Jessica.

This was why Laney and I were unable to get together for any Birth Week activity in the middle of the week this year. Of course, we often get together to do something during one of the weekends anyway. But, since we already had non-Birth Week plans on Friday last week, when we made our Birth Week plan for this year, we decided today was the best day. She got back from New Orleans super late Thursday night (plane landed at SeaTac around midnight, apparently), and she kind of needed yesterday to decompress from her trip.

So, she agreed to go with me to Kruckeberg Botanic Garden (that's the link to the 43-shot photo set on Flickr, all of them taken at the garden) in Shoreline. It was yet another one of several I did not even know existed until several months ago I searched for area botanical gardens to visit this week.

Honestly, it wasn't the prettiest of the gardens I visited -- I am partial to the more curated ones, especially when a lot is in bloom -- but, it was still very cool, and we all seemed to feel it was worth going to check out. Laney opted to drive there herself and meet us there at 2:00, although traffic was terrible and delayed us both roughly ten minutes.

Shobhit and I did a fair amount of shopping beforehand, leaving late this morning for a trip to Macpherson's Fruit & Produce for a hefty pile of produce Shobhit wants to use for dinner tomorrow evening. We also stopped at Trader Joe's on the way back, and barely had enough time to put the groceries away and use the bathroom before heading back to the car to drive up to Shoreline.

Once again, Shobhit gave me completely different directions than the GPS suggested we go, and at nearly every turn, when we did something different than recommended, the GPS's ETA time added minutes. It went from projecting us getting there at 2:05 to 2:15. Shobhit was convinved that driving north through Capitol Hill to get onto the freeway after turning onto Roanoke would save time, but 10th Avenue to Roanoke was packed with cars. Instead of admitting that his choices added time to our trip, Shobhit just insisted that getting onto the traffic-glutted freeway immediately would have taken just as long, if not longer. This shit drives me crazy. I trust algorithms and "big data" more than I do anectodal assertions, which Shobhit willfully rejects. It's so fucking stupid.

Anyway! It's also a pretty stupid thing to get all worked up over, I'll admit. In the end we got there at about 2:10, and Laney had gotten stuck in the same traffic, of course, and had only just gotten there a few minutes before we did.

I'd say we spent the better part of an hour at Kruckeberg Botanic Garden. I have no idea why this is the one botanical garden that has "botanic" instead of "botanical" in its name. It was fun, and you can peruse the full photo set on Flickr at your leisure; then we went with Laney over to Petco, where she bought a new litter box. Exciting stuff!

And then we parted ways for the day. Laney still hadn't unpacked, she said. Shobhit and I came back home, and once I had my photos uploaded, but not yet captioned, he asked me to help him with chopping vegetables for the countless dishes he's making for dinner tomorrow night.

I'm not having the usual "party" ending my Birth Week this year; I do prefer having something smaller, where I don't have too many people to play host to at once. That said, dinner tomorrow did still grow a tad larger than expected: we originally invited Karen and Dave, and also Anita since she's in town from college in Portland, just for that to be their part of my Birth Week this year. But, when Danielle found out about it, she quipped something about not being invited to it -- she loves Shobhit's homemade Indian food, naturally -- and so we invited her too. As of this morning, she is officially coming, and will be bringing the girls, Morgan and Rylee. So we're expecting six guests for dinner tomorrow night. I think Shobhit might be making about that many dishes, actually, which is about double what he really needs to make. He's making samosas (!!) largely just because Anita will be coming, which I do find kind of amusing. She is the only one of all these guests with a genetic Indian heritage, after all.

In any event, it will thus be much like my end-of-Birth Week dinner in 2015, when both Karen and Danielle came then as well -- Karen with Dave; Danielle with both her mother and her Aunt Diane. We had five guests for dinner that night. And actually we may tomorrow night as well; Karen texted me today that Dave is a "maybe" since this weekend is opening weekend of boating season, and he works for the Center for Wooden Boats.

But I can let you know all about all that tomorrow, of course. This is pretty much all I've got to tell you about today. After doing a bunch of chopping for Shobhit, and making us each a margarita (it's Cinco de Mayo, after all), I then came back to the bedroom to caption all of today's photos. I only have one more day of this left!

[posted 9:24 pm]