-- चार हजार तीन सौ छब्बीस --

What can I tell you today? Not too much, I don't think. Certainly nothing all that exciting.

I rode my bike home from work yesterday, slightly detouring to Target to pick up a few things. We use Rembrant, which is a higher-end toothpaste -- expensive enough, apparently, to be put inside a locked clear plastic shelf covering on the top shelf. I have to press a button there for an attendant to come and open the shelf with a key and grab the toothpaste for me. Half the time the attendant who comes is a woman who is really short, can't reach (although I could easily if the stupid shelf weren't locked), and has to go find someone else. This time it was a young man who was tall enough, though. Anyway, ironically, Target is easily the cheapest place to get this toothpaste -- it costs something like $10 (or maybe $12? I really can't remember now) at Bartell Drugs and at Target they sell it for $6.99. But still they keep it locked up like it's got the value of bulk sized liquor bottles.

I didn't watch as much TV as I expected I might yesterday, as one of the few evenings free I had this week. I went to pick up dry cleaning, put the shirts away, updated my budget. Shobhit started on the vegetables for making pasta for dinner, which we both ate way too much of; my weight was up 1.4 lbs this morning. It was super tasty though so there's that. Shobhit was glued to news all evening as returns came in from primary elections happening in several states, which in the end by and large continued the so-called "Blue Wave" that to be perfectly frank I have less and less faith in over time. I mean, we'll see. I really want this year's midterm election to be a real pain in the ass for President Fuckwit, and it just might. But even in the fairly unlikely event that Democrats retake both houses, it's not going to be by a wide enough margin for impeachment to be realistic even then. Even though we literally have a fucking insane person in the White House. Spending too much time paying attention to the havoc this administration is wreaking is pretty dispiriting.

So, I did something super uplifting and went to the bedroom to watch last week's episode of The Handmaid's Tale!

-- चार हजार तीन सौ छब्बीस --


-- चार हजार तीन सौ छब्बीस --

I have my eighth and final SIFF movie to see this evening, which, thankfully, plays at the Egyptian Theatre. Tomorrow evening I plan to spend cleaning and packing for our trip next week. Happy Hour and a movie Friday evening, which, last I heard, is when Ivan will also be arriving for his two-night stay -- although Shobhit and I leave for Wallace, Idaho early Saturday morning. Our neighbor will look after the cats Sunday evening through the morning of Saturday June 16.

I only recently discovered David Sedaris already has another new book out, so I signed up for a free trial at Audible so I could use the one free credit that yielded to download his audio book version of it. That'll give us a little over six and a half hours to listen to in the car as we travel, if Shobhit doesn't want to listen to my music. On both Goodreads and Amazon the book has an average user rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, so that seems promising. David Sedaris really never disappoints anyway. Honestly I was not much looking forward to the prospect of listening to a book as we drove next week, until I found out about this.

-- चार हजार तीन सौ छब्बीस --

I just had my leftover pasta for lunch out on the patio. The sun was out, pleasantly warm, not too hot -- 64° currently, according to the National Weather Service. Fantastic view (although the mountain isn't quite as visible today as it was when that photo was taken a year ago). I sat at a table and no one came and sat with me but that was fine. I love, love, love that patio. And the views we get from it. Now I need to get some more work done.

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