starch ii


-- चार हजार पांच सौ बयासी --

Shobhit and I caught up on Pose last night. I hadn’t realized how far behind we were -- we had three episodes to watch. It's so easy to fall behind on shows we watch in real time, because we do so much binging otherwise, there is no recognizable TV watching weekly schedule anymore.

And that pretty much took up the whole evening, aside from making dinner -- which itself took quite a while. We walked up to Trader Joes for just a couple of vegetables, and then Shobhit made a vegetable-heavy dish that was otherwise potato based, to use up the last two potatoes I did not use for the casserole dish I made the other night. I much preferred my dish, but to be fair, mine was packed with butter (a full stick used for the recipe) and cheese (both parmesan and cheddar). The credit to Shobhit's dish would be that it's much healthier, not nearly as potato-heavy, and it had far more vegetables added. I spent a lot of time chopping them, as tends to happen when I help him prepare dinner.

In fact, and I really don't know why he had this particular attitude last night as it is certainly rare, but Shobhit even gave me the option of doing my own thing while he cooked. I had nothing pressing to do, though, so I did not see that option as logical. And selfishly, I wanted to get dinner sooner than later, and I knew it would be ready faster if I helped chop. And in fact, had I not, dinner probably would not have been ready until closer to 8:30 or 9:00; it was only ready about an hour earlier than that as it was.

We did also share a bottle of white wine, which was . . . fine. That's about how I would describe my entire evening, honestly: the food, the drink, the entertainment. It was fine.

-- चार हजार पांच सौ बयासी --


-- चार हजार पांच सौ बयासी --

I was supposed to have lunch with Karen today but she has too many meetings at work and had to cancel. Good thing I brought a container of leftovers for lunch as insurance! I learned the hard way to do that quite some time ago, so I nearly always have a lunch ready at work even if I have other lunch plans. Also: this kind of works out for me anyway; I'm saving ten bucks now. Okay, specifically $9.60. Still, now this means I am only about $35 over budget rather than about $45. Yay!

I suppose I could also skip my plans to go to Steamworks this evening, which will cost me $11 with a coupon, but . . . I don't want to skip it. The coupon expires tomorrow! I refuse to waste it. At least my next payday is tomorrow.

-- चार हजार पांच सौ बयासी --

Anything else? Not really! I wore pants to work today. Are you relieved? It was my first time wearing pants to work since last week! I wore shorts every day for the past week, roughly. But today the weather is turning cooler; forecast high merely 71° -- that's back to pants weather.

I wore my gray shorts with a black short sleeve shirt yesterday and when Andrew from IT saw me he stopped and said, "I don't think I've ever seen you so dressed down before!" Now I wish I'd had a mai tai in my hand.

Anyway it's cloudy right now, expected to be partly sunny later, late sixties still plenty warm to eat lunch out on the patio so that's what I did.

-- चार हजार पांच सौ बयासी --


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