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You guys, we've finally reached another day in which I have very little to tell you!

I had no socializing after work yesterday, no movie to go to, no outings. I rode my bike home, waited for Shobhit to get home from work. He made parathas out of this lentil flower I brought home as samples from work, and . . . they were okay. He also made a couple other quasi-exotic vegetable dishes. It was a pretty Indian meal, but nothing especially recognizable to most Americans. One thing he made was out of taro root, which is similar to mashed potatoes when done.

We tried to watch my Blu-Ray copy of Citizen Kane from Netflix, because when I told Shobhit it is regarded by roughly half the film critics of the world as the best movie ever made (the other half believing it to be The Godfather), he said he would like to see it. Problem was, the fucking disc kept stopping and sticking in my Blu-Ray player. Also, during the times the movie actually did lay like normal, Shobhit nodded off a few times. I actually think he would be more engaged under different circumstances, but he was pretty distractible otherwise last night, with news of primary elections in other parts of the country.

I just reported the disc damaged, though, so Netflix will send me a replacement. I can't figure out to what extent this increasingly frequent problem is due to actually damaged discs, or if it’s my aging Blu-Ray player, which never played perfectly to begin with, and was cheap when I bought it (I paid only $75 for it at Target, several years ago). So, I took the disc out and Shobhit went back to his online news shows. I went back to update my budget with the changes of costs I made yesterday when re-booking my Vancouver B.C. lodging for Saturday night, and also added estimated costs for public transit day passes which I had forgotten to add before.

-- चार हजार तीन सौ छियासठ --


-- चार हजार तीन सौ छियासठ --

Oh, and I did make an official plan with Jennifer, my cousin: she's coming to stay over a couple nights over Labor Day Weekend. When I had stayed at her place for my Birth Week in April, she had said, "Maybe next time I should come stay at your place!" And indeed, we haven't had her come visit me, rather than the other way around, since January 2015. Since then, there have been many reasons to visit her in Shelton most given years, which in a way precluded her coming here: in addition to requisite Birth Week visits, I went there again in October 2015; there was the scattering of Grandma and Grandpa McQuilkin's ashes in 2016; and last year, I went there twice in as many months in the fall for their Halloween party and then for her and Eric's combined 40th/50th birthday party.

Now it's been over three and a half years since she's visited me in Seattle, and there's a fair chance Shobhit will go camping again that weekend anyway. Jennifer has work on Saturday but will come up that evening, and stay two nights. She wants to eat at The Melting Pot and so I already made reservations for that Sunday.

And then, I've also made tentative plans with Gina and her friend Jennifer to do a sort of "redux" of our 2015 day at the Washington State Fair -- something we'll all probably take a day off of work for to go during the week, when the crowds will be thinner. (My weekends through September are largely booked up already, albeit tentatively in about half the cases.) So really, my crazy-active August I was mentioning in yesterday's post is poised to go on mostly uninterrupted through September. Only the weekend of August 25, at present, has nothing major even maybe planned. Obviously that could change. Maybe I'll hang out with Gabriel that weekend or something. I feel like I could stand to see him more.

-- चार हजार तीन सौ छियासठ --


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