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-- चार हजार एक सौ और सत्तर-नौ --

Turns out I am an idiot. I looked and looked and looked in the freezer yesterday, certain I could not find the frozen pizza I was sure I had brought to work late last week but had not yet eaten. When I couldn't find it, I assumed I must have eaten it earlier this week and forgotten about it. But when I was talking about this with Shobhit last night, I remembered that I had lunch with Karen on Monday; had a Starbucks sandwich for lunch on Tuesday; and had lunch with Elin on Wednesday.

And I knew I had brought the pizza to work late last week, but did not eat it last week. I got paid on Friday and usually eat one of these pizzas per pay period -- I had not yet eaten the one I'd usually have last week, because I still had leftovers to get through, but I took the pizza to work anyway to make room for the new one I'd buy when I went grocery shopping, figuring I'd eat the older pizza at work early this week. Which I never did. So where the fuck was this pizza? Did someone else at work actually take it? No, it couldn't be.

I went to look for it again this morning. It took me about two minutes to find that fucking pizza this time. Jesus Christ! It was there all along: on the top shelf, right behind a stack of meat-centric frozen meal samples. When I had looked yesterday, I saw a bunch of ice cream pints behind those frozen meals and could not see anything behind them. The pizza was up on its side and sandwiched between the wall and the ice cream pints. So I really wasted that $14.30 on a Peachd delivery lunch yesterday. Damn it!

And I can't even have the pizza today either. I brought the last Starbucks sandwich, which won't keep very well into next week. So, this pizza waits through yet another weekend for me to give it the attention it deserves.

Peachd emailed me for a product review yesterday, so I did give it to them: Very tasty but not in any way worth the $14.30 it cost with tax and delivery fee. I need to learn to be more skilled at searching through the packed Merchandising freezer in scenarios like this.

-- चार हजार एक सौ और सत्तर-नौ --

So I often forget that Squarespace offers analytics information for your content -- far more such data than was offered at LiveJournal. I took a glance at it today and discovered my assumptions were inverted from reality: I really thought whoever came here would tend to be far more interested in my movie reviews than in my blog. Not quite, apparently: the Literary Exhibitionist blog (what you, whoever you are, are reading right now) has had 699 views in the past month, compared to the Cinema-holic Movie Reviews getting 241 views in the same period. The traffic to the personal blog is nearly three times that to the reviews blog.

Fascinating! Who the fuck are you people??

Now, the ranked single-entry page views are top-heavy with movie reviews rather than personal blog posts, but that actually makes sense because I almost never post links to single personal blog entries via social media, yet I post every link to movie reviews on social media. That would mean nearly all of those views are click-throughs from elsewhere. One thing that does surprise me is that the most viewed review in the past month is that for mother! (8 views) and Blade Runner 2049 (7 views) comes in second. Granted, I saw the latter movie far more recently, and both have received a great deal of pop culture discussion. Also I bet my mother! review exasperated several of those readers because of how much of it I freely admit in retrospect I simply didn't understand -- but, I still stand by what I said about that movie and still regard it as a mess. My Blade Runner review, on the other hand, I remain very happy with, even after re-reading it myself several times.

Anyway. Just another reminder that things are rarely what they seem, or how you assume them to be, I guess.

-- चार हजार एक सौ और सत्तर-नौ --


-- चार हजार एक सौ और सत्तर-नौ --

When I walked home from work yesterday, I stopped at Target on the way, and Shobhit met me there. He needed a few toiletries to take on his trip to India on Monday. We then walked home together.

But, we stopped for dinner on the way home from there. I was going to take myself to a movie last night, but Shobhit convinced me to get a Happy Hour dinner at La Cocina Oaxaqueña instead -- their $5 Tortillas Fritas on their Happy Hour menu is impossible to pass up. That plus $4 chops and guacamole (I only had salsa) made for a supremely cheap dinner. And seriously, I cannot understate how delicious those Tortilla Fritas are.

And this way, Shobhit got a Social Review point for the day. He kept trying to figure out any way he could get one without stopping to eat somewhere, and then making dinner at home, but under the circumstances that was really the only way. I won't accept stupidly contrived scenarios, and running errands never counts as social activity. Eating out always does, though; to me that seems obvious. One way we could do it without money is if we, say, went to the park and played Frisbee for a while -- which I have long wanted to do and he's never done with me. It was a bit wet yesterday though.

The weather forecasts this week have been consistently annoying, by the way. Over and over, forecasts for the next day which by the time that day came, the weather was totally different. It was finally legitimately rainy yesterday. And yesterday the forecast for today was rain as well. But then this morning? No rain at all in the forecast! So, after some deliberation this morning, I made a last-minute decision to ride my bike to work.

I was ready to leave the condo at 6:35, part of an effort to get on a bus finally early enough to get me to the office by 7:30 instead of 7:35 or 7:40. It's so stupid that I either have to take two buses or walk half the way and bus the other half, and I always end up later when I just miss the bus outside my building and walk the first half and then have to wait several minutes for a bus downtown. By the time I get to the office it's always 40-45 minutes since I left home, and I might as well have walked the entire way, which takes all of fifty minutes or so. When I bike from door to door, it takes me like twenty minutes! The difference is insane.

So I was all set to leave on the earlier bus, and then decided to bike instead -- which got me to the office today at about 7:00. I was here quite early, which then makes up for the times I've gotten here a few minutes late or left a few minutes early (which truly no one pays any real attention to anyway; I only fret over it for my own well-being and sense of balance). I'm glad to be able to bike home, though, as that will get me there half an hour earlier than when I walk, and I'm meeting Laney at Light Rail at 6:15 this evening to go downtown and see Blade Runner 2049 at Cinerama, which she hasn't seen yet (and I haven't seen at Cinerama).

I get the feeling this may still be my last bike ride to work for the year, though. It may have been dry, but it's getting colder: 47° on the ride to work this morning, and dark, and the light on my helmet stopped working. I think it’s rechargeable, if I remember right. Anyway, it'll be light out at 4:30 when I leave work, but today's forecast high is only 53°. I don't like riding in cold air, and that combined with increased frequency of rain is why I tend to leave the bike unridden between mid-fall and early spring.

-- चार हजार एक सौ और सत्तर-नौ --