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  • Thu, 11:33: Happy Thanksgiving unless you’re eating cranberries or yams in which case I just can’t help you.
  • Thu, 11:42: RT @BondageLand: Cut lemon in half, slide under turkey's skin before baking... instant conversation starter!!!
  • Thu, 12:18: Oh by the way my new pet peeve is online recipe pages glutted with so many images they take forever and a day to load and cause the page to jerk-jump around and make me want to murder every living thing within a ten mile radius. wishing you peace and love happy thanksgiving
  • Thu, 14:43: My favorite thing about #Thanksgiving dinner this year was being able to say, So I hear there’s a straight person here?”
  • Thu, 18:59: My sister and her wife were the wonderful and warm and pleasant and gracious hosts for Thanksgiving this year.

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