चार हजार दो सौ एक

Short DLU today; not much to tell about the past 24 hours. I saw a movie right after work, and did the now-unusual route of going to the "AMC Dine-In 10" in the U District that used to be Sundance Cinemas (which used to be Landmark Theatres's The Metro), so I could get the movie over with as quickly as possible. I grabbed a Spin Cycle bike and rode half an hour up there to see Roman J. Israel, Esq., starring Denzel Washington.

I had to find a second bike after finding the first one on Denny Way, actually. The app brought up a little error window saying it was unavailable until it got some needed repairs. So I found another on the app about a block and a half north -- finally, not just once, but twice, the bike was actually there where the app said it was! Maybe it was the time of day, and a bit earlier than usual for people getting off work -- I left at 4:20 rather than the usual 4:30, to account for time walking to the bike -- and these had actually been waiting around for some time.

I still need to report on the need for maintenance on the bike I rode, actually. It was a little dangerous, to be honest: not only did I not wear a helmet for this roughly three-mile ride, but I didn't have a headlight either. I mean, there was a headlight, but it was detached, hanging from a wire over the side of the arm of the frame that goes to the center of the front wheel on the side. It sort of dangle-clanged there, occasionally flashing lights, but most of the time didn't work at all.

But whatever. I made it there and I'm alive. I didn't have time to go searching for yet a third Spin Cycle.

The movie was . . . good. Not the greatest. Denzel Washington was excellent.

चार हजार दो सौ एक


चार हजार दो सौ एक

I caught a #44 bus to the UW Medical Center after the movie, figuring I would catch Light Rail from there. I didn't notice that #44 actually turned into a #43 further to Capitol Hill until after I got off, and had I stayed on, I would have gotten home five to ten minutes earlier than I did. It might have been a wash had the Light Rail left as soon as I got down to the platform, but I had about five minutes to wait. And then when I arrived at Capitol Hill Station, I stupidly got out on the wrong side, adding another block to my walk home from there.

Shobhit had dinner ready when I got there. He'd gotten a burrito, which he disassembled and added vegetables to and then had fried tortillas with it. He also got some tater tots from Trader Joe's. It was a quite nice dinner, actually, and I just had the last of the leftovers from it for lunch. I think it's kind of giving me the shits, actually, but I'll live. I took some Pepto Bismol tablets.

I then went to write the movie review, which felt pretty blah to me -- and will add fuel to the fire of people who complain about how often I give a B to a movie I have a lot of complaints about; I stand by the grade because of the quality of the acting -- and after that we watched an episode of The Golden Girls. We'd watched one before I wrote the review, while I ate dinner (Shobhit ate 15 minutes beforehand), and one after I finished. And then it was time for me to get ready for bed.

चार हजार दो सौ एक


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