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-- चार हजार एक सौ अठारह --

I think I may have to start employing a new consumption strategy, which I am starting today: If I know for a fact I'll be eating stuff at work, especially in the morning, then I'll skip breakfast at home. I mean, I kind of hate not to get my beloved cereal as soon as I get out of bed, but I have to mitigate inevitable sampling somehow -- and if I would otherwise be having the cereal in addition to samples at work, then I might as well cut out the calories from the cereal. Also, this will help stretch my food budget anyway. The food at work is free, after all.

Scott and Noah had a meeting with Franz Bakery yesterday, so there's a bunch of bakery items here at work. I got a box of Old Fashioned doughnuts -- which I don't think Noah even knew are my favorite when he set the box on my desk yesterday, but I fucking love those. I had one yesterday even though I'd already had a cookie as soon as I got to work. Honestly I was stunned my weight this morning was the same as it was yesterday. I did have a veggie burger wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun, though; maybe that made the difference!

I had another doughnut this morning. 230 calories right there. But I skipped the cereal! Because I knew I'd be having a doughnut. But guess what else? Robin, one of the Deli Merchandisers, baked a ton of sample pastries and pies yesterday. I actually only had a couple of bites yesterday, but there were pies set out in the kitchen this morning. I had a small slice of something called "Marionberry Dream." That's, like, my favorite berry for pies; how could anyone not thing "Marionberry Dream" sounds amazing? It was like a cream pie, only with berries. Holy fuck it was delicious. Hey! My slice was small, at least. Small-ish. And then? Noah comes in with a plate of toast, and he says, "Would you like a slice of Blueberry Streusel, Sir?" Um. Does the Pope shit in the woods? So, to recap: today alone, I've had an Old Fashioned Doughnut; a small-ish slice of Marionberry Dream Pie, and a slice of Blueberry Streusel Bread.

Cereal would have been more nutritious than any of that, but I have to cut some calories somewhere! I'm actually going to make an effort to have some fresh fruit this morning too, if that counts for anything. I recently decided I should eat some of the free produce we also have here at work at least once a day, for two reasons: 1) it's good for me; 2) it'll help keep me full and thus -- hopefully -- less inclined to graze on all the other treats that regularly pop up around here.

You know, the grocery industry is maybe not the best industry to work in for someone who used to be genuinely overweight and still can't stop obsessing about food consumption. Imagine if I worked for a chain of gyms! That might be the only circumstance in which I actually did any exercise inside a gym, which I literally have not done since high school -- Junior year was the last year I had to take a P.E. class. That was 24 years ago. On the upside, I walk and bike regularly. I prefer multitasking with exercise, and combining it with my commutes.

-- चार हजार एक सौ अठारह --


-- चार हजार एक सौ अठारह --

I think the permanent switch over to FruitcakeEnterprises.com is going to happen very soon -- like, probably over the weekend. I'm still working out kinks, and will likely continue to be even after I switch to posting there exclusively. I chose a template that's the most comfortable for me in terms of posting blog entries, but that specific template also has certain limitations I don't like. I'd love to have a background image like I do here on LiveJournal -- currently of the photo of Shobhit's and my mehndi on our hands from our wedding -- but the template I am using doesn't appear to allow for it. Perhaps it's just as well and the pages are better with a cleaner look anyway. I still switched the background color away from the default of white. For now, it's a rather light pink.

The site will have two separate blog pages: one for these personal entries, and one for the "Cinema-holic" movie reviews. This is another point of irritation, though: with this template, I can't seem to change the header for different pages; the header of FRUITCAKE ENTERPRISES remains the same on both blog pages. I wish I could figure out a way to change that. I don't suppose it's a huge deal, though. The other thing is the Twitter digest posts, which I'd really like to keep doing. The current fix is that I can copy and paste the html text version that gets posted to LiveJournal, and I discovered today it posts just fine when I paste it into an entry on the Squarespace site. So that'll work for now, I guess. I'm still hoping to find a system that can automatically ship daily digests to the new blog location like they do here.

-- चार हजार एक सौ अठारह --

I saw very little of Shobhit yesterday. He wound up getting extra hours at work and did not come home until after I fell asleep, as I was weirdly very tired and asleep by 9:45. I was going to try and wait up for him but I just couldn't make it. So, I only saw him briefly in the morning before work. Both he and Ivan worked last night so I had the whole evening to myself. I watched the Rory Scoval standup special on Netflix. I always liked him and this was moderately entertaining but honestly not his best. It was a way to pass the time, though. I ate the lettuce wrapped veggie burger that I had made for Shobhit the night before but he never ate. After nuking it to reheat it -- as it now had condiments all over it; there was no re-frying the Field Roast patty -- I then ate it with a knife and fork. I think I'll eat those that way from now on, actually. It's possible to eat them fresh by hand like a regular burger in a bun but it's very messy, which can be avoided by using utensils.

I tried to get a dent in my library book but I was too tired and fell asleep.

Shobhit had yet another early shift today, so for him he came home, slept, and was up and off to work again. He left more than an hour before I did but only had a morning shift today so I'll be at home with him this evening. I was supposed to have lunch with Karen today but she had to cancel because the ramp in her van is not working. I was rather bummed, as it had already been three weeks since we'd had lunch -- we do lunches on the second and fourth Thursday of every month and that means occasionally there is a three-week rather than two-week break -- and now we won't have lunch again until two weeks from now, as she's too busy to reschedule this week's lunch. Sad face. :( On the upside, I'm saving the money I'd otherwise have spent on lunch today.

-- चार हजार एक सौ अठारह --