tuesday pasta report


-- चार हजार एक सौ बीस-एक --

Not much to report on today. Sometimes it's nice just to get a quiet evening at home to yourself: both Shobhit and Ivan worked through the evening. Shobhit was home soon after 10:00 and I saw him briefly before going to bed; I was asleep before Ivan got home.

I made pasta with pesto cream sauce for dinner -- the one recipe I got from Ivan when he lived with me in 2014, which he made regularly back then and never does anymore, but remains one of my favorites. I dished myself a small bowl, and filled two containers for myself for lunches. That left about one and a half such serving sizes in the pot, which I left for Shobhit to eat. And for that, I went to Trader Joe's and bought a packet of jalapeño peppers, and even sliced up two of them to add to his portion. I also added more salt and pepper. Sometimes I can be a real fucking sweetheart.

I ate my dinner while watching the second episode of season three of Bloodline on Netflix -- the season has been available streaming since May 26 but I'm just now getting around to it. I almost decided not to watch at all, even after watching the first episode of the seaso -- which was fine -- after discovering how poorly reviewed it's been. But, I can't find a huge number of reviews either, and that makes a difference. I don't expect it to be great in the end; season 2 wasn't as good as season 1 either, so the diminishing returns have been consistent. But it has great actors in it, delivering pretty great performances. If I knew this show would be getting a bunch more seasons I might actually have given up on it by now, but it's easier to stick out the third season knowing it will be the last -- even though I also know it apparently doesn't come to any real, solid conclusion. But, whatever.

What else did I do? I watched a few YouTube videos. Browsed social media. Listened to the new Katy Perry album, which is neither her worst nor her best, a couple of times. That's essentially how I passed the time last night. It's so rare that I get a full evening completely to myself, though, I rather enjoyed it. I may be far less of an introverted loner than I used to be, but I do still need my quality alone time now and then.

-- चार हजार एक सौ बीस-एक --


-- चार हजार एक सौ बीस-एक --

I just sat for a few minutes eating my pasta with pesto cream sauce lunch out on the deck here at work. I love being able to sit out there with my lunch. Although it was borderline too hot out there today -- NWS says it's 74° right now, but, hey! I was sitting in direct sunlight. It'll be warmer when I'm riding my bike home from work this evening.

Sometimes people sit out there with me -- more often than not, Mimi -- and sometimes not. Today there was just one other person out there, at another table. He's a new guy who I find rather cute but I don't recall ever getting introduced to him so I don't even know what department he's in. I know his desk is in the IT area. I suppose I could check the bulletin board that shows photos of new people. He may barely no longer be new enough still to be up there.

Turnover seems high at the office lately. It's amazing how often I see someone walking around and think, Who the hell is that? I suppose I could just introduce myself. I never do that, though. Residuals from my days of total social ineptitude, I guess. I can still talk to people just fine. They don't even necessarily have to talk to me first anymore. But for some reason, I still have a bit of a block on just saying something like, "Hi, we haven't met, I'm Matthew." Seems simple enough. Maybe I'll get over that one soon too.

Sometimes there's a weird disconnect between what you know to be rational behavior and what you feel comfortable doing. That's been the story of my life through most of it, really. The amazing thing is that in spite of what few social hangups I still have, I've amassed a pretty sterling reputation. People fucking love me, especially at work. I guess these people I still don't talk to very much don't love me just yet, though. But hey, they're new! There's plenty of time for them to find out how great I am.

Have I mentioned the one person working here who genuinely could not stand me quit and moved out of town? I can't remember. I kind of miss the slightly invigorating experience of being loathed by just one person. I don't miss her, though.

-- चार हजार एक सौ बीस-एक --