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  • Thu, 5:35: Dreamt I thought I was going to fart in church and instead crapped a turd onto the pew. Instead of being mortified I was just annoyed.
  • Thu, 7:56: Once when I was 16 I yelled out the car window as we passed a speed walking elderly lady, "WORK IT, GRANDMA!" and my mom was very much not amused. #throwbackthursday
  • Thu, 12:10: Double-edged sword: temperatures not *quite* as extreme as originally forecast, thanks to wildfire smoke drifting f…
  • Thu, 16:45: Just rode past a young man in a young man in a sailor uniform that made him look just like a delicious piece of candy. #FleetWeek
  • Thu, 20:21: #point83 bike ride through downtown to Seward Park!