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  • Sun, 9:39: Then & now: Northwest AIDS Walk (KOMO Plaza still under construction), September 1999; Seattle Women’s March, January 2018.
  • Sun, 11:51: Wait for it... #SeattleWomensMarch2018
  • Sun, 17:14: We found a local SAG-AFTRA official SAG Awards viewing party! Shobhit got in free and I get unlimited “light ppetizers” and a free drink with my $10 guest entrance fee!
  • Sun, 17:54: Yay Nicole Kidman! P.S. Susan Sarandon is a great actor and also she can go fuck herself. #SAGAwards
  • Sun, 19:07: Okay, I enjoyed THREE BILLBOARDS, I really did — I’m not on the hate train against that movie. Still, all the awards it’s getting feels a little like congratulating a bunch of white people for being “progressive” at the expense of actual minority representation. #SAGAwards