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It’s Downtime Tuesday! Aren't you excited!

Well, I do have a couple new things to tell you about.

A new person joined us for the Myrtle Edwards Park Loop Walk yesterday afternoon: Mary B from IT. So at 2:45 pm, Alicia, Mary and I set off for the 20-minute, one-mile walk. And we got true confirmation of the distance this time, because Mary started her pedometer as soon as we were in our building's parking garage, headed for Elliott Avenue. When we returned to the spot I the garage where she started her watch, she said its reading was 0.98 miles. Close enough to exactly one mile in my book! It's a one-mile walk.

I just replaced that graphic on Flickr this morning, with a new version of it, made slightly more realistic. The previous version had the walk start and end on Elliott Avenue, at our building's main entrance. I've now changed it to show the walk starting and ending inside the building, in the parking garage. The walks do start and end on Elliott when we take the elevator, but we haven't been doing that lately. At Alicia's lead, we've started taking the stairwell -- and specifically the stairwell that spills out in the ground floor in the garage. I also added a couple of arrows just to make the direction clearer.

I'm sure you're all very relieved.

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-- चार हजार तीन सौ और छियानबे --

Anyway! I also took myself to see a movie yesterday evening, a documentary called Science Fair which I thoroughly enjoyed. I think it even has a fair chance of winding up on my year-end top ten list, I loved it so much. It was hardly the first crowd-pleasing documentary about kids in some kind of competition (Spellbound, a great one about kids in a spelling bee, came out in 2002), but I do think it may be the first one to focus on kids doing extraordinary things to transform the world. I really can't overstate what a joy it was to watch -- so much so that my review surpassed 900 words, unusually long for a documentary not getting a huge audience. This one deserves a huge audience, though.

It was intermittently rainy yesterday. I did not take my umbrella along on the afternoon loop walk, but it started sprinkling shortly before we returned. My walk home after work was so wet that I posted a couple of great pictures expressing gratitude for the perfect October 1 weather. By the time I was headed back downtown for the movie, I caught a bus, just so I could read my library book. I had my umbrella and didn't quite need it, certainly not on the way back, when it was dry -- but, by that time, very dark. So on the walk back I listened to the new Cher album of ABBA covers, which is kind of spectacular. I even listened to it on my iPod with ear buds as I wrote my review, since Shobhit had attempted to get to bed much earlier than usual due to having to be at work this morning by 4am, but he kept making very distracting mouth noises. Once I was done writing, though, the only noises he was making were snores.

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