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  • Fri, 7:04: In my rush to the edge of the sidewalk to ascertain if I just missed my bus, not looking the direction I was going, I speed-walked dead into a No Parking sign. Right in front of some other guy walking by.
  • Fri, 8:59: Two minutes after this photo was taken, Flo from Progressive died. #RIPFlo
  • Fri, 12:39: Salt & Straw has truly some of the city's best ice cream flavors, but some of their "Spooktacular" October flavors are genuinely horrifying: one with actual mealworms in it ("Did that one just move?") and one made literally with pig's blood. Next time I go in there I'm going to vomit all over their counter. And then they can create a new flavor with that.
  • Fri, 15:27: