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Damned Facebook algorithms!

This morning I posted a screenshot of three tweets to Facebook, which commented on the "brainless idiots" seen in the crowd at yesterday's rally where President Fuckwit mocked Christine Blasey Ford. And before my brain could catch up with my fingers going through the motions of sharing a Facebok post, the site automatically tagged Sherri in the accompanying photo.

Why? Clearly because Facebook's face recognition software thought it saw Sherri in that "brainless idiot" crowd. So, now I've shared this post about "brainless idiots" with my Bonus Mom tagged in the photo. Fuuuuuck.

I immediately untagged her, but I knew enough about how Facebook works to know that this likely would not be the extent of a correction I wanted. In all likelihood, Sherri would get a Facebook notification: "Matthew tagged you in a photo." There was a fair chance she would see this notification whether she was still tagged or not. She'd still click the link in the notifications feed, be taken to that post, and wonder why the hell she's being associated with it.

At first I posted a comment explaining what had happened, and basically saying I do not think Sherri is a brainless idiot! But, having that comment distracted from the broader point of the post to begin with, which had nothing to do with Sherri at all (who is not, I repeat, NOT a brainless idiot -- she would never be at one of those dumbass rallies). So then I changed my mind and deleted the post altogether, then re-posted it, this time taking care to make sure no one at all was tagged in it before I clicked "share."

It's still possible she got the notification, though, and then wound up clicking a link that took her to a blank page, because the post she had been tagged in was now deleted. This happens every once in a while to me when I click notification links. So anyway, if that happened, in her case at least, this is the explanation. Facebook mistook Sherri for one of President Fuckwit's "brainless idiots" and I was not fast enough to set them straight at first, but then I fixed it.

Or maybe Sherri didn't get any notification at all and is first learning about all of this by reading this blog post today. Who knows! Either way, my official position is clear. SHERRI IS NOT A BRAINLESS IDIOT.

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-- चार हजार तीन सौ और सत्तानवे --

My life since yesterday's DLU has been otherwise relatively uneventful. Alicia sent out the email inviting people to do the "loop walk" through Myrtle Edwards Park, and, after twice forgetting on other days about the set time and having her have to come to my desk to remind me it was time to go, I replied with a joking statement about hopefully remembering this time. And I did remember! I went over to her desk, and guess what? This time she forgot. Forgot to cancel, that is -- apparently something else had come up with work that precluded the walk for her. "I remembered this time!" I said, to which she replied, "And I'm going to ditch you." I said it was fine, and it was. I was also ready to go for a walk, but didn't especially want to go on a walk on my own, and basically thought, Fuck it, and just went back to my desk. Noah saw me returning and asked if I was having trouble making up my mind as to whether I was coming or going.

I did bike to work yesterday, taking a calculated risk when there was a single hour in the hourly forecast with any rain -- at 5:00. I leave at 4:30, and it actually sprinkled a bit for maybe half of my ride home.

Shobhit and I then had baked stuffed portabella mushrooms purchased at QFC over the weekend for dinner, and watched three episodes of Disenchantment on Netflix. The show is all right, kind of spotty, but we keep watching. The rest of the evening was so low-key that Shobhit suggest I help him with chopping while he made a sambar ahead of time for dinner tonight. So, I did that, while listening to Cher's Dancing Queen album. After that I read in bed for a while before going to sleep, Shobhit following me to bed just like the cats. He had a 4 am shift yesterday for inventory and then the typical 7 am shift today for unloading the truck delivery, so he tried again to go to bed early last night but had trouble getting to sleep for a while. This meant being a bit chatty while I was trying to read, but, whatever.

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