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  • Mon, 8:19: Hmmm looks like this new "Screen Time" feature in iOS 12 shows, complete with charts and graphs, exactly how much time I waste looking at my phone each day. Well, joke's on you, @Apple! Instead of shaming me, this just gives me delightful opportunity for narcissism analytics. ๐Ÿ˜€
  • Mon, 10:14: This is already available at work and well itโ€™s all downhill from here. This is like having my first fix 10 months after rehab.
  • Mon, 17:53: Words to live by right here!
  • Mon, 20:43: In two years this view of these buildings will be blocked by the 11-story, block-wide addition to the Washington State Convention Center. #seattle
  • Mon, 21:44: Far from a conventional Western, and better for it.