the unwashed


-- चार हजार चार सौ चौबीस --

I forgot to wash my hair today. I was in the shower this morning, thinking to myself, I don't think I need to wash my hair today. I'm pretty sure I washed it on Sunday, and today is Tuesday, so tomorrow is when I wash my hair next.

Except, of course, today is not Tuesday. Instead, it is apparently Nasty Hair Day.

Actually my hair looks fine if you want to know the truth.

-- चार हजार चार सौ चौबीस --

I also seem to have caught a cold. I could feel the tickling in the back of my throat as soon as Shobhit met me at work to walk home together yesterday, after he came to Belltown, within six blocks of my office, for a photo shoot audition. We walked up Elliott Avenue as far as Cost Plus World Market, and Shobhit suggested we go inside to take a look. We found a bunch of $10 bottles of olive oil -- with "best by" dates of 11/15 -- for 50% off, so he bought two of them. We also barely made it into the Pike Place Market Mexican grocery shop he likes, literally one minute before they closed at 5:00. He got some tortillas there.

With these two bottles of olive oil in my bag now, I didn't especially want to walk home now. So, we barely made it in time to catch a #11 up the hill to home.

-- चार हजार चार सौ चौबीस --


-- चार हजार चार सौ चौबीस --

We made pizza for dinner. Trying to make space in the freezer, this left only one of the five we got on sale for dirt cheap at QFC some weeks ago. I made the same mistake twice in a row with these pizzas, putting them directly on the rack instead of on a baking sheet, and the thing caved in, in the middle. I should be fair and cop to my thinking the issue last time was only that Shobhit loves to weight pizzas down with shit tons of toppings (mostly vegetables), and that was why it caved in. Well, I put on several toppings too and not nearly as much -- the issue is with the weak crust, not with the toppings.

We were able to salvage most of it, anyway. And it was tasty. I cleaned the oven as best I could, then ran the self-cleaner for the second time in the past month. Next time I'll actually put one these pizzas on a baking sheet. You don't have to tell me tw-- er, three times!

-- चार हजार चार सौ चौबीस --

Otherwise I spent quite a bit of time on this year's calendars. They're pretty much done now, actually, close to being ready to being ordered. I just want to run over them all one more time to proof the information. Copying and pasting from past calendars, it's easy to put an irrelevant birthday or anniversary on the wrong calendar. I've got four different versions, as far as the calendar grid information, depending on who the recipients are. I added one more recipient this year as compared to last year.

I also made chai, as we often do anymore, and watched just a little bit of the first season of Married... with Children with Shobhit. The whole series recently became available on Hulu and, why Shobhit decided to start watching it I have no idea, but he is. It doesn't seem all that great to me -- not as funny as I remember it. Maybe it got better after the first season. I do remember Aunt Raenae declaring back in the late eighties how disgusting she thought the show was.

Anyway I finished my dunkable biscuits and went back to the calendars. Took some NyQuil before bed, but woke up with the throat-tickle slightly worse this morning, which I pretty much expected. I'm bombarding the cold today with all sorts of herbal supplements and we'll see if I can minimize the duration of this bullshit.

-- चार हजार चार सौ चौबीस --


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