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  • Sun, 12:25: Well this is already my favorite news story this week.

  • Sun, 13:58: What is with this incessant sunshine? I’m sick of it! November needs to get its shit together.
  • Sun, 18:57: The original MARY POPPINS was a *huge* part of my childhood, and remains my all-time favorite movie musical. I love it so much that I got teary when seeing the title character soar over the audience on Broadway in New York, even though the play otherwise fell far short of the film. And, I loved it so much so that I get also teary with each new trailer for this sequel, coming 55 years later, even though I constantly scoff at other people reacting in similar ways to anything else. I’m excited for this in a truly unique and rare way, and also terrified it won’t be as good as I want it to be. (It probably won’t be.) Much as I love Meryl Streep as an actor, I’ve never loved her much as a singer, and so I’m uneasy about her being in this. On the other hand, I just learned today that Dick Van Dyke returns for it(!) and that keeps my cautious excitement steady.

  • Sun, 20:30: It's fine.