My tweets

  • Mon, 7:13: RT @uespiiiiii: メリークリスマス!! #christmascard
  • Mon, 7:46: View From My Bedroom, Christmas Eve Dawn
  • Mon, 9:59: Merry Christmas, from beloved friends’ and family pets past and present!
  • Mon, 14:38: I’m a cooler Santa than you are.
  • Mon, 17:31: You guys we just passed a place called TACOMA ELF STORAGE. Apparently Santa’s standby work force is right in our backyard!
  • Mon, 19:44: Traditional Christmas Eve dinner with the family! I keep laughing so hard it hurts, mostly because of how much Jennifer’s had to drink.
  • Mon, 21:45: A bunch of family is over and there was extensive conversation about past drug use. So Sherri pops her head into the living room to say “I lost a friend once because of pot.” [beat] “I found him two hours later at Colonel Sanders.”
  • Mon, 22:31: Aunt Raenae [70 yo]: “I thought memes were—“ *raises hands and acts like a mime* Ian [12 yo]: “Mimes are the ones who hit you with a baguette if you invade their invisible box.”