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-- चार हजार चार सौ उनचास --

What should I tell you today then? I don't think I have much -- at least not beyond my top 10 albums and top 10 podcasts for the year, which I posted this morning. Of all my year-end posts I do over the last week of the year, this one might be of least interest to anyone besides myself, but whatever -- it's still got a lot of information and it's something else I already posted today.

I actually was up slightly past my bedtime last night to finish the draft of that entry, which I did after finishing up my review of If Beale Street Could Talk, Barry Jenkins's lush follow-up to 2016's Moonlight. I had a working list of my top 10 movies of the year already assembled, which I will be posting tomorrow morning, but was expecting at least the possibility that this movie could bump one of those -- Moonlight was truly the best film of 2016, after all. But, nope. I did like this movie a lot, but I found it to have some kind of odd loose ends, and maybe very, very slightly suffered from narrative adherence to its source material, being a James Baldwin adaptation. Anyway, you can read the review for more information if you happen to have any such interest.

That screening was at the Meridian at 5:30, which I walked to direct from work, so between that, a quick sandwich for dinner, and the writing I did afterward, that sucked up my entire evening.

-- चार हजार चार सौ उनचास --


-- चार हजार चार सौ उनचास --

. . . Hmm. What else? It's quite rainy today. It was barely sprinkling as I walked from downtown to work this morning, but I still used my umbrella -- glad I have it now, at lunch time, as it's really wet outside at the moment. I suppose that could pass by the time I'm actually going home. As long as I have my umbrella though, I'm down with it. This is so riveting for you to read about!

Kate P, the Customer Service Manager, told me the other day about a customer making some reference to the world ending in twelve years. I let her know over lunch today that the customer was clearly confused: we merely have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe. Not the same thing!

This led to discussion about why we should bother keeping our 401(k)s if there won't be anything around to spend it on. Fair point, maybe. "We'll be eating each other," Noah said, and I said, "We'll be bartering with severed limbs," which got a pretty nice facial reaction out of Kate as I stood up to leave from the table. "On that note," Noah added, "there goes the vegetarian."

-- चार हजार चार सौ उनचास --


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