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  • Thu, 5:35: Shobhit's alarm woke me from a dream in which a huge rabbit was on the other side of his pillow, nosing his silhouetted head in the dark, and I was in the middle of complaining that "That looks like a giant bunny sniffing a turd."
  • Thu, 7:33: Book Log 2018
  • Thu, 9:25: After Laney posted her own photos ( on Christmas Day of the Fairmont Olympic Hotel's Teddy Bear Suite (, I had to get myself over there the very next day to get my own set of photos (! It ended this year's run on December 26 and I got there in the last hour of the last day, presumably making it easier with smaller crowds in the actually pretty small single room on the second floor of the hotel. Next year I will still go earlier so I can also see the "Festival of Trees" they apparently do from mid-November through early December. Why the hell didn't anyone tell me these things existed??
  • Thu, 20:11: Hahahaha, fuck those people!
  • Thu, 19:48: You: You want to feel old? Me: Nope. Good talk!
  • Thu, 21:37: Tender, beautiful, romantic, and sobering.