2018 at PCC



Ringing in the new year -- for the second time, from the PCC Central Office. Unlike the previous year, which included my parents visiting up from Olympia and one other friend, I rang in 2018 with only Shobhit.



And oh by the way have I mentioned how much I love working here?



February 9 was Take Your Kid to Work Day!



You guys. Seriously. This is not right.



I ran into Marie from IT at the March for Science!



My first desk move at our new location! (Counting four desk locations at the previous office, this makes my sixth desk location for PCC over 16 years.) Now I have a beautiful view of . . . the building across the street!



During my Fifteenth Annual Birth Week Vacation, Claudia and recently-retired Mimi share a tender moment at Kubota Garden.



Photo Scott emailed me of the nearly finished new Burien store, unveiling the first storefront logo I've seen of the rebranded "PCC Community Markets." I thought it looked fantastic.



Cheers to Sara Walsh, who left us this year for more mountainous pastures in Colorado! (We were all very sad to see her go.)



Going away party this time for Erica. People keep leaving us! 😭 Erica looks pretty happy, though. WHAT. EVER.



Having been out of town on the weekend of the first of them, I showed up for the second of four scheduled monthly "Store to Farm" bike rides over the summer, this one starting from PCC Bothell -- my first time there -- and . . . no one else showed! But I figured, well, I was there anyway, so -- why not just bike to Bailey U-Pick Farm on my own anyway? I had my phone's GPS and ear buds to guide me, and I rode about eleven and a half miles each way for a total bike ride of about 23 miles, on a beautiful day, and I had a great time.



At the next month's store-to-farm bike ride, though, from PCC Redmond to Oxbow Farm, two other people showed! The farm turned out to be closed this time, but whatever -- it was another great ride, this one amounting to over twenty-six miles in a large circle. Here I am with Melissa and Jamie, my camera mounted on the closed gate to the farm. At least we got to see some cows!


walk the loop

Route that Alicia and I take when going on our semi-regular "loop walks" at least one day in a given week, northwest along Elliott Avenue to the W Thomas St Overpass, southwest along the overpass into Myrtle Edwards Park, southeast and into the Olympic Sculpture Park, and then northeast up to the back entrance to 3131 Elliott Avenue. One or two people have joined us a few times for this roughly twenty-minute walk through our building's spectacular immediate surroundings, but most of the time it's just Alicia and me. I don't know what the deal is with the rest of you people! Take a break, you work too hard! And this will make you more productive anyway! Sheesh.



In 2018, Shobhit and I hosted guests for dinner at our place six separate times. The sixth and final time, we invited Scott and Noah and their families . . . here posing with me at the top of my condo building on Capitol Hill. It's a pretty great photo if I do say so myself. (Shobhit was finishing up the food prep when I gave a tour of the complex -- he did not take this photo, Scott did, making good use of his long arm.)



I take the phrase "Be the change you want to see in the world" literally, and pose with Ali Wong, on a Halloween at the office with a high degree of participation.



At this year's PCC Thanksgiving Feast (or in more recent years, "Holiday Potluck")-- the sixteenth I have attended -- Claudia demonstrates an understanding of how office politics work, with her "I Make No Promises Cake": under-promise, and over-deliver! (The cake was delicious.)



Produce Merchandiser Joe Hardiman celebrates thirty years at PCC! Lynne (right) offered up some stunningly delicious food, which I suppose makes sense because that's basically her job. And she's very good at it!



Candid behind-the-scenes shot of the festive group in attendance for the now-third annual PCC Holiday Cookie Exchange & Holiday Sweaters Day, which has become our de facto December holiday tradition at the current office space since moving there in 2016.

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