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  • Mon, 5:49: RT @shantipussy: I would like Shobhit’s shoes for breakfast please.


    Whose shoes are these? These are not Shobhit’s shoes! Take them away!

    Someone is NOT getting a tip.
  • Mon, 9:30: President Fuckwit is so full of shit it's like his entire body is a shit keg and his mouth is the spigot. RT @ZekeJMiller Trump rips Fla. Deputies for not going into school. "I really believe I'd run in there even if I didn't have a weapon."
  • Mon, 10:18: Don’t miss Danielle’s new album of Paul Simon covers, dropping soon!
  • Mon, 13:53: RT @STACEYNIGHTMARE: The only reason giving teachers guns might work is it will make guns less cool.
  • Mon, 14:01: Okay you all know how much I love cats and still I'm listening to This American Life's story about a lesbian couple in a so-called "love triangle" *with their cat* and I'm like GET A LIFE.
  • Mon, 14:55: oh my god men are so disgusting when I'm not horny