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-- चार हजार दो सौ और चालीस आठ --

Not a whole lot to report on today. Yesterday I walked home from work, and Shobhit did not get off work himself until 5:00 and thus did not get home himself until close to 5:30, at which time I had already pulled out all the elements we needed to finish off the Gol Gappa we at the first half of yesterday. So it was another mini-assembly line, putting the potatoes and garbanzo beans and chutney water inside those crunchy balls and eating them over the kitchen counter. That was dinner.

Then I watched two episodes of the second season of HBO's Crashing, after which I watched three episodes -- half the season -- of the second season of One Mississippi on Amazon Prime Video, which finally has an app on the Apple TV. Shobhit knew the latter had been canceled -- it was even a little odd seeing the Louis CK Executive Producer credit in the opening titles, given all that's gone down with him -- and I don't think he even ever watched the first season, but he was surprisingly engaged by all three episodes. I guess I'll make sure he can watch too when I finish those.

I went to the bedroom to read for a bit after that, before going to sleep, not long after 10 p.m. And that pretty much made up my evening.

-- चार हजार दो सौ और चालीस आठ --


-- चार हजार दो सौ और चालीस आठ --

I just got back from lunch with Karen at the Six-Seven restaurant at the Edgewater Hotel. We went back to our standard Truffle Macaroni & Cheese, and it was amazing as always. The blonde middle-aged lady who is presumably the manager actually saw us and came by to say hi; she hadn't seen us in a while. I think she must just often not be working when we're there; I noted we come twice a month. It was very nice to have her say hi, though, and make us feel like valued regulars. I liked that a lot, actually.

Today we talked a lot about aging cats. Her cat, Nora, is somewhere around 18 years old. Karen doesn't seem to have realized that likely means the cat does not have a whole lot of time left. She was shocked to hear from me that the average indoor cat lives about fourteen years, but I noted that there are many, many exceptions and a lot of cats live into their twenties. She clearly hopes that for Nora, even though Nora is suffering from arthritis and has recently been put on pain medications and given a heated cat bed. Karen apparently didn't even know heated cat beds existed and was genuinely shocked to learn. I guess she's been living under a rock? And by the way, hmm, maybe a heated cat bed would be a good present for Shanti and Guru next year!

Two things occurred to me about Shanti and Guru during this conversation, by the way. First, as we always celebrate March 1 as their birthday, this year -- as in, next month -- they will turn ten years old. Holy shit!

Second: it occurred to me for the first time ever that, given that I put Peng down at the age of nine -- an event that genuinely devastated Shobhit; it's still the only time I've seen him break down sobbing -- this means we have now had Guru and Shanti a full year longer than I had Peng. And even at nine years, I felt like I had Peng for a pretty long time, especially considering how many major health problems and surgeries he endured. Shobhit had been around for just shy of four years when Peng died, but that was plenty of time for him to get super attached, to the first pet of any kind he ever had. He's easily just as attached to Shanti and Guru, but hopefully they both have many years left in them.

I actually had no idea I would wind up talking so much about cats over lunch when I chose today's DLU photos earlier this morning, by the way.

-- चार हजार दो सौ और चालीस आठ --


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