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  • Mon, 9:54: If it's any consolation, we'll all be dead soon enough. Have a great week everyone! 😀
  • Mon, 10:22: So it's students themselves who bear the responsibility of mitigating school shootings (assuming they're alive) -- by taking moronic suggestions like this?? Great idea, genius. Who are the idiots even giving this man a microphone? #googlesantorumdefinition
  • Mon, 12:50: My theory is they have a giant underground breeding bunker at Cal Anderson Park.
  • Mon, 13:24: A good way to rationalize overeating is to tell yourself "It's just this one bite" and then do that 34 times.
  • Mon, 14:34: PROTIP: Having competing brokerages fight over you is a pretty great way to start the work week.