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-- चार हजार दो सौ और पंचानवे --

Should I count it as a Social Review point that Shobhit joined me for the "Learn How to Quit Sugar" class I went to at the Braeburn Condos Community Kitchen last night? I think I will. If any other friend had come with me to that I would have counted it, after all. It's not exactly a social event, but it was spearheaded by the woman who does all the organizing for the Social Committee. This was the first "educational" event of this sort that Jess hosted, after apparently other residents had suggested she do something of this sort.

Somewhat ironically, besides Jess herself and the "Life Coach" friend she invited to host, Shobhit and I were the only ones to show up to this. The invite said snacks would be provided, and I was sure curious as to what sort, since obviously they would not offer sweets. There was wine, though, and Shobhit made a crack about sugar in that.

There was a vegetable tray and a small plate of squares of some kind of smoked cheese. Shobhit declined any of it and I had two little cheeses -- which were truly delicious, by the way. None of us ever touched the vegetables, which it could be argued was another irony. In any case, I deliberately waited to have dinner until after this, just because I did not want to wind up eating too much snacky stuff that night be there after having dinner. I was unusually good yesterday regarding my grazing at work -- aside from a couple small handfuls of tortilla chips, I ate nothing between meals.

I had little expectation that this class would offer any real breakthrough for me, or tell me anything I haven't long already known. I'm pretty well educated about the addictive nature of sugar. The woman who hosted, whose name I forget now, made plenty of valid points and we all had a pretty engaging and lively discussion. It was helpful just to talk it all out, actually, and I told her so. She offered us our card and said she was available for a free "life coach" session, which I kind of scoffed at internally but gave no indication of my skepticism to her. Shobhit took the card she offered but I'm pretty certain neither of us will be using it.

It was something to do besides sit in front of the TV all evening, at least.

-- चार हजार दो सौ और पंचानवे --


-- चार हजार दो सौ और पंचानवे --

We did watch two episodes of season 6 of Roseanne after going back up to the condo, though, but at least it was just the two episodes -- only about 40 minutes of TV last night. Shobhit did not want to wait to eat anything so he made himself something before going down to the community kitchen. So, left to my own devices for dinner when we got back, it was nice to make myself something both light and something I love, and which I haven't gotten in ages: a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich.

I'm still above 150 lbs but this morning I was down by 1.5 lbs, to 150.8. That's encouraging. I'm doing pretty well today too, even though Scott came in with a raspberry croissant for me. At least I haven't grazed on anything else. Just getting one day of not overeating in under my belt is a huge hurtle of a first step.

Oh, wait, I take it back! I watched closer to 70 minutes of TV last night, total. Before we went down to that class I was in the bedroom and I watched an episode of Crashing on HBO Go. I nearly forgot. Whew! I'm so glad I can be vigilant in getting the truth out there.

By the way when we watched Roseanne we also had chai and I had two small Indian cookies.

-- चार हजार दो सौ और पंचानवे --


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