Shift Six


-- चार हजार दो सौ और निन्यानवे --

I'm still feeling a little gross today: intermittent coughing; slight taste of "sick" in my mouth; somewhat runny nose and heavy sinuses. I suppose I'd probably be better off at home again, but I have shit to do! Catching up yesterday for being gone on Wednesday was more than enough to deal with. I may go out of my way to rest more than usual tomorrow; we have two different plans on Sunday now, and I also have plans tonight. I was hoping to see a movie tomorrow but we'll see. If I'm feeling a lot better when I wake up then it's all good. If I'm roughly the same, I may still go to the movie, come back and write the review, take another Sudafed and sleep the rest of the day. We'll just have to see!

I did ride my bike to work today. Whether that kind of exertion was good for me remains to be seen. I was pretty out of breath when I got here but that would have been the case regardless, given this was only the third time I biked to work so far this year. I needed to bike today to save time; I've got to drive a bit out of town this evening and so I hope to leave home with the car by 4:30, because of dealing with rush hour traffic -- on a Friday, no less -- which means leaving work at 4:00 today. Only on the bike can I get home within half an hour.

So there's not much to tell about last night, except we finally ate up all the leftovers from Sunday, for dinner. I also had to cut all my fingernails rather short (well, short for me, anyway) because at work yesterday I broke my right middle finger in such a way I had to file it down to the nub. With the rest of my nails rather long, that made things weirdly lopsided when typing on computer keyboards. Anyway, I did that while waiting for Shobhit to get home from work. We made some parathas and we finished up season seven of Roseanne. This was easily the weakest season thus far. Only one more season before it reportedly gets truly terrible!

-- चार हजार दो सौ और निन्यानवे --

-- चार हजार दो सौ और निन्यानवे --

So . . . yeah: I had some unusual work to do at the office this morning. New desk! Not nearly as exciting a location as my last one was -- I could look diagonally to my left and see some of the water of Puget Sound. Not so where I am now. You can see in the image above: all I can see is the building across the street. I guess I'll live, though. As I said to Justine when she came by to thank us all ("us all" being Scott, Noah and me; we're in the same line as we were before, just to the north on other side of a bank of conference rooms and phone rooms), "Ive chosen not to bitch about it!" I said this good-naturedly after Noah said, "I was told I would be moving."

When Scott first told me about this plan, he said it was because the Schematics team of Beth, Kevin and Bryan would soon be working more closely with the Deli team, and it was better for them to be in the desks right next to them, where Scott, Noah and I were then. I heard this morning, however, from both Justine and Aimee (Office Manager), that the reason was because Beth, our new Senior Category Manager, was getting nauseated by the rattling of the building in this spot (right where I sit currently, incidentally) by passing traffic on Elliott Avenue. Uh . . . okay. I guess I'll try and see if I notice any more shaking of the floor where I sit than I ever felt in my old desk.

As it happens, the office chose today to be a big "Spring Cleaning," with cleaning supplies provided so we can all do a deep clean of our areas. It thus seemed like a perfect day to do our desk moves -- although the Spring Cleaning, complete with provided pizzas for lunch, was to happen later in the afternoon; we did our desk moves around 9:00 this morning. And boy howdy, did my desk need cleaning. Dust bunnies were breeding like crazy in the back crannies of all the countless knickknacks on my desk. We got it all done, though, and we all seemed to get settled in relatively quickly.

And, as I said to Justine, I really do love this entire office space -- and I still can see the view of the water any time I want, from the balcony to the kitchen to plenty of meeting rooms -- so it's not that big a deal. I can live with this. If nothing else, even if it is just another building I can see through the windows from my desk, I am facing the windows rather than the walkway, which is preferred.

And while everyone else is doing their cleaning, Scott and Noah and I can just kick back and eat our pizza!

-- चार हजार दो सौ और निन्यानवे --


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