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-- चचार हजार दो सौ पचासी --

So, we're back to a typical Tuesday today, especially after a holiday weekend -- a massive update on Monday; nothing much left to say on Tuesday.

Even pretty much everything I did last night was a rehash, in one way or another. The only TV Shobhit and I watched -- okay, aside from starting with Sunday's episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, which honestly fell a bit short of its usual standard -- was five episodes of season five of Roseanne. This included a two-episode arc about Jackie being with an abusive boyfriend which were very good; even Shobhit commented on how well done they were. These aired in 1993, the first two episodes to air that year in January; I thus was 16 at the time. These are episodes I don't remember, but they sure were handled well. Laurie Metcalf won three Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for this role, one each year in 1992, 1993 and 1994, and I can see now they were all well deserved.

Anyway, even dinner was leftovers -- we either ate, or packed up in lunches, the rest of the salad we had tossed together for Easter. I had a sufficiently light dinner, and as a result was back below 150 lbs this morning, only two days after a major family holiday featuring way too much food and sweets. I had the salad again for lunch today and will again tomorrow, and then it will have been finished off -- the rest of it having been tossed into a kind of soup with beans and rice that Shobhit made for himself.

-- चार हजार दो सौ पचासी --


-- चचार हजार दो सौ पचासी --

I was done with watching TV after five episodes, and a failed attempt at getting to episode 2 of season 2 of the Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet, which we both really like, but Shobhit declared he just wasn't in the mood. He was only "in the mood" for Roseanne, I guess. I then left him to his online political talk shows and went to the bedroom and hang out online for a bit before going to bed, winding up awake much later intended thanks to a surprisingly entertaining group text with Gabriel, who was awake, and his apparently sick and therefore sleeping brother Garret, who did not see our increasingly bizarre text conversation until he woke up this morning.

That catches you up, pretty much. I had a nice chat just now over lunch in the dining room, talking to Kate from HR and Andrew from IT, and some new woman whose name I could not remember if you stuck a gun to my head. Maybe I should have asked her. I guess I'll just get back to work now.

-- चचार हजार दो सौ पचासी --


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