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-- चार हजार दो सौ नवासी --

Goldstone was the movie I had intended to see when I had my MoviePass mishap after work last Wednesday -- a 6:10 showing meant I had all of about ten minutes at home before needing to turn around and come back downtown again. I quickly made myself a sandwich and ate it while walking back, only to have the card refuse to work because I had made the mistake of checking in too early, and their system is not sophisticated enough to correct itself. When I saw that it was still playing the next day, just not at 6:10, I figured I would have to write the movie off.

Well, by the time this week's regular weekdays rolled around, that movie's schedule had rematerialized, and there were 6:10 showings again. So, that's what I went ahead and took myself to see after work yesterday. This time, though, I didn't bother going home first. I brought both my lunch and my dinner to work, and I ate my dinner at my desk at 5:00 before walking to the Regal Meridian cinemas on Pike by the Convention Center.

In the end, the movie wasn't as good as I hoped or expected. It was good enough -- I gave it a solid B -- but after what some of the critics had said about it, I rather expected something better. If nothing else, the lead part was played by this Australian actor named Alex Russell, who I found to be super cute. I was really never bored so long as I got to look at his face.

The movie was just short of two hours long; I caught a bus about half of the way back home, which I reached just after 8:30, and by about 9:30 I was done with the review. I really thought this might turn out to be a shorter than average review, assuming I didn't have too much to say about it -- rarely am I right when I have that expectation. It turned out to be just over 600 words or so, which actually had always been the length I aimed for when I wrote reviews for 'mo Magazine.

Once again Shobhit came to bed about the same time I did, this time probably just because his early shift got extended to around 6:30 and he was tired after having to get up early. He also told me when I got home, "You missed quite the mess" -- Guru puked, and Shanti left liquidy shit in multiple places on the carpet. He cleaned it all up, and was in the middle of vacuuming (!! -- I don't think Shobhit ever vacuumed before) when Guru puked again. Wasn't that nice of him. "Oh wait, I'm not done yet!" That cat can be such an asshole.

-- चार हजार दो सौ नवासी --


-- चार हजार दो सौ नवासी --

I was a bit disappointed to have weighed in up half a pound from yesterday this morning, at 150.5 lbs. I'm back above that threshold I hate being above, 150 lbs. This in spite of having eaten only a quarter of the pizza for dinner Tuesday night, and the other quarter of it -- two fairly small slices in each case -- for lunch yesterday; and the last of the leftover salad for dinner yesterday. I did have some chocolate yesterday, but not a huge amount; and maybe half a slice of sample chocolate cream pie.

Strangely, this was after my exercises this morning were unusually easy to accomplish, which is usually only the case when I've done quite well with my food intake. I'm beginning to wonder if I should even trust that scale -- it is often wrong, or wonky. We regularly have to weigh the 25 lb container of laundry detergent just to get it to reset, so it won't just give the same weight it gave us the last time we weighed ourselves. That said, I do also wonder if maybe a mixture of simply getting older, and my on-average higher-than-wise consumption of sweets over the past several months, has simply slowed down my metabolism.

I still feel like I look pretty good, and I rarely fail at getting pretty quick action at Steamworks, so there's that. I finally told myself today it's not worth getting down on myself for it when I give in to temptations. It's always a process. Having been raised in a family of obesity, and also having managed to lose 34 lbs in the past (about 20 lbs of which is still missing), I'm probably just always going to have issues maintaining and controlling these things. It's an ongoing process, and that's okay, god damn it!

-- चार हजार दो सौ नवासी --


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