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Looking through our third #HappyHour margaritas!

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Quick update! I spent the past couple of days hanging out either with Laney or with Shobhit, but never both at once.

Laney and I do our monthly Happy Hours on the second Friday of every month. (We ostensibly meet every fourth Friday to watch Mad Men, but that seems to get either canceled or turned into something else rather frequently.) So, Friday this weekend was our May Happy Hour. We decided to go back to Rooster's Bar & Grill on Broadway -- which, amazingly, we had not done our monthly Happy Hour at since May of last year. (I keep a log of all the places we've gone for monthly Happy Hour in the header of the Happy Hour with Laney photo album on Flickr; this, in fact was our fifth one at Rooster's. The only place we've done it more times at has been La Cocina Oaxaqueña, where we've gone six times. But! That does not include other times we've gone to Rooster's when it was not the monthly Happy Hour night, such as Election Night in 2016, or Pride, etc.)

Anyway! Laney goes there a lot with other people as well, particularly her daughter, Jessica. She apparently has told the lady who runs the place -- who we did not see this past Friday -- that she is her "straight crush," and also that we "cheated on her" to go check out Añejo Restaurant and Tequila Bar last month (on what had originally been scheduled to be Mad Men night, incidentally, but we switched it to Happy Hour after the previously scheduled Happy Hour two weeks before had to be canceled). I guess the lady wanted all the scoop when Laney told her, because Añejo is new and all of half a block away across the street on Broadway, where Dilettante Chocolates used to be.

It seems it had been since last summer that I had last been to Rooster's myself, and it was fun to be back there; it's a great place, and they have $7 Happy Hour margaritas -- of which I had three, as did Laney. I was pretty buzzed by the time we were done. I also had a rather small Happy Hour plate of nachos, which turned out to be more than plenty. Probably due to the drinking, my weight was still up yesterday morning.

Shobhit opted not to join us in an effort to save money, which was fine by me because it meant Laney and I could take our time without Shobhit pressuring us to get going after only an hour. Laney and I hung out for about two hours. I had ridden by bike straight there from work, and so I rode home from there as well. So I didn't drink and drive, it was more like buzzed biking.

Shobhit wanted me to make him a drink after I got home, so I made myself a drink too, although it was just a Zevia soda with a shot of tequila in it. So I basically had four shots of tequila Friday night, in terms of alcohol content. I got tired by around 11:00 but Shobhit was watching old episodes of Reba an I snuggled with him on the couch and fell asleep there, until he was ready to go to bed and we went to bed together.

As for yesterday, after Shobhit and I had blackberry jam pancakes for brunch, I met up with Laney again, at the Egyptian, so we could see the documentary RBG, about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. It was a little more subdued than I was expecting (as was she), but still pretty good.

I used the second of my five free small popcorns I get with renewing my SIFF membership, and in terms of my weight, I probably shouldn't have, especially considering both brunch and dinner yesterday. I was well up tp 152.6 lbs today. Yuck.

Shobhit, somewhat extraordinarily, decided to go to the casino yesterday. The last time I even suggested it was a few years ago now, and he got instantly defensive and angry that I would suggeat he do something I know full well he has a history of having difficulty controling. Well, today's a new era, I guess. He said he had been thinking about going, and I was just like, whatever. I fully expected he'd probably return with losses, but he came back with pretty big winnings, actually -- more than he makes in a month at the job he currently has. At least he knew to pack it up when he was that far up, which is a key point.

Still, knowing the risks associated with that, I knew he wouldn't balk when I said I was going to go to Steamworks even though I couldn't use my coupon that only is effective on weekdays. He'd be gone, and I wanted some action. And boy, did I get some. It cost me twenty bucks, which is literally nothing compared to the kind of money Shobhit was playing with.

Shobhit was gone for about five hours, but it hardly felt like that to me since in that same time I was gone for a cumulative three, and spent a fourth writing my movie review. So really I only waited for him to return for about an hour. And then we finally used one of our several two-for-one entree coupons we had gotten for joining Vegetarians of Washington, and we went to Wedgwood II on Broadway for dinner. I had last eaten there with both Shobhit and Ivan in June 2016, a few months before Ivan even moved back in this last time (and even a few months before Shobhit moved back from L.A., but he was in town for our anniversary). Re-reading that old journal entry reminded me that the green bean dish I used to love there had only been okay, so now I'm glad we did not order it last night. Shobhit and I did compromise on the dishes we really wanted so we'd have two dishes we could both share, and they both turned out to be very tasty.

And, since he'd just won a bunch of money gambling, Shobhit paid for dinner. It was nearly 10:00 after we went across the street to get some sweet deals on hummus and pita chips at QFC, barely finishing with dusk. You'd think I would get used to these mid- to late-spring long days after 42 years (literally my entire life) in the Pacific Northwest, but it never stops feeling weird to me, like bedtime sneaks up on me all of a sudden when it felt like it was still mid-day an hour ago.

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