back to work!


-- चार हजार तीन सौ पांच --

So! Back to work! And I'm happy to be back, quite honestly. I like being here. Last week was super fun, but a week away is plenty. I enjoy my job, and I'm not one of those dipshits who complains about "Mondays" as though there's something wrong with a day of the week, or about returning to work after a vacation.

This "Botanical Gardens" theme for last week's Birth Week sure yielded a lot of future Daily Lunch Update photos, though. As in, out of a total 494 photos taken for this year's Birth Week, 291 of them -- more than half -- are DLU fodder. And of course, given all the gardens I visited, a good majority of those are floral, or at least plant-based. So you know, brace yourself for a shit ton of pictures of flowers in my DLUs over the next few months.

At least I won't have to worry about running out of DLU photos for a while. And just wait! That number will likely double, or be even more than that, after our trip to Yellowstone National Park in little more than a month from now.

Let's see, what other number stat can I throw at you today? I know! I had 220 unread emails waiting for me at work today. Of course a lot of those weren't even relevant to me, and could just be deleted. Still, scouring through a week's worth of emails, even when you're just deleting a lot of them, takes up plenty of time on its own.

-- चार हजार तीन सौ पांच --


-- चार हजार तीन सौ पांच --

What else, then? Not much! It's near the end of my lunch break now and I've barely managed to get through about half my emails so far. And I've got lots of pretty pressing stuff to get to thanks to being gone so long, but you know, whatever! I'm not going to stress about it. What I can get done, I will get done, when I can get it done. None of this shit is exactly life and death stuff.

It's warm enough that I was able to eat my lunch -- the last two leftover samosas from last night, which Shobhit let me take for lunch today, because he is a sweetheart (see? sometimes I say nice things about him!) -- out on the balcony. This proved to be unusually exciting itself, as the three of us eating out there got to be witness to a crow and a seagull in a rather heated argument. It was pretty amusing to witness.

I missed the most amusing part, apparently. I was sitting at the table nearer to the center of the balcony, and these two other office women whose names I don't know were over on the cushioned couches by the corner. The birds had actually been closer to them at first, and one of them tried to get her own picture until the crow managed to get the seagull to fly away -- briefly. I got my photo when the crow was laying into the seagull -- vocally, like a lecture -- as the seagull kept backing away from it. Anyway, when I was done eating, I walked over to show the women the photo I got, and they told me that at first the seagull somehow slipped in the ledge, and was laying on its belly with its legs straddling the ledge. Ha! If only someone could have gotten a shot of that. Alas, we'll all just have to settle for my picture.

-- चार हजार तीन सौ पांच --


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