Yellowstone National Park 2018, Day 2: Northwest / North

It was a long, but very fun day today -- in spite of a delay getting out of the park due to bison crossing the road and creating a massive traffic jam, which I already knew was typical here.

We stopped at eleven notable places today, likely to be a record for the week, taking "Grand Loop Road" via the West Entrance, which goes up to Mammoth Hot Springs -- our location of greatest interest today -- over to Tower Fall, down to Dunraven Pass, and then back over to the West Entrance again. Before getting to Tower Fall, however, we took a slight detour along NE Entrance Rd to Lamar Valley, which Gabriel had recommended as he said that's where the wolves are. We didn't see any wolves but the vally itself was so pretty it was easily one of our favorite spots today.

Anyway. Eleven notable places. I don't have a lot of time to write about the day as I need to go to bed soon, once we finally got back around 9 pm I dedicated the rest of the evening to editing, uploading and tagging all of today's 106 photos -- and that's what I whittled them down to! I tried to limit the photos I took today, I really did! I still haven't finished captioning yesterday's photos and haven't captioned a single one of today's as a result of this, but if you click over to that full photo set on Flickr you can still glean plenty of details from the tags. Anyway -- how about I just share one photo from each of those eleven places right here, real quick?

Terrace Spring. The first hot springs we saw. This was not idetified on the booklet map I was using but we just happened to see it driving by; I figured out the name of the spot later, after getting back.


Gibbon Falls


Roaring Mountain. I love how many places here look like post-apocalyptic hellscapes.


Sheepeater Cliff They're natually formed!


Mammoth Hot Springs


Wraith Falls


Petrified Tree. Honestly this one wasn't that exciting.


But we hiked half a mile from there to Lost Lake -- and encountered a black bear along the way!


Lamar Valley


Tower Fall


Dunraven Pass


[posted 11:54 pm]