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  • Mon, 8:45: yes yes yes OH GOD YES RT @NWSSeattle Seattle has now recorded measurable rainfall for 4 consecutive days. If that sounds weird, it's probably because the last time it occurred was mid-April. Yes, the Seattle grey is back. Did you miss it? #wawx
  • Mon, 14:06: Just found a brown powder-filled gel cap pill on the men's room floor. Turmeric, maybe? Glucosamine? Clearly someone I work with has a naturopathic drug problem.
  • Mon, 13:36: Oh my god, get a fucking grip, Alicia! Nobody cares! (I can't say that to a customer so I'm just leaving it here.)
  • Mon, 16:08: To the men, in particular: this is a spectacular piece and if you have an even remotely open mind you would do well to read it.
  • Mon, 19:27: Someone in the men’s room at the Regal Meridian Theatre is very angry.
  • Mon, 21:30: The entirety of the movie SEARCHING is shown as Mac computer and device screens, and NOT ONCE does a screen freeze or show the rainbow wheel. Every click or page load just happens instantly. ARMAGEDDON was more realistic than this.