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  • Fri, 10:12: You could say he preaches to the choir. But he even takes the choir to task. In an entertaining way!
  • Fri, 13:47: Constant stream of "Please check your scales" emails at work today and I'm like, if we didn't have so many lizards and fishes working here this wouldn't be such a problem!
  • Fri, 19:31: It’s technically still last hours of summer and Costco already has eggnog.
  • Fri, 19:57:
    Shobhit: They might have the bonobo pizza.
    Me: The what?
    Shobhit: Bonobo pizza.
    Me: Wha- ...uh. You mean Boboli?
    Shobhit: Boboli pizza.
    Me: Bonobo is a monkey.
  • Fri, 22:50: Oh yeah baby I want you to Beto my O’Rourke