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  • Wed, 5:43: RT @muhmentions: thinking about all the bullshit jobs ive been under consideration for in my life, and all the probably good or stupid reasons i didnt get them (didnt like my suit, flubbed an answer)

    now imagining being up for a SCOTUS seat and people jamming me through despite sex pest claims

    now im imagining all the impeccable clerkship applicants kavanaugh has passed on over the years for not wearing the right high heels, having a .2 lower GPA, wearing the wrong kind of dress and still trying to imagine a world where this specific guy is entitled to this job

    the sense of entitlement, the absolute sense of Fuck You to everyone here, is really incredible when you think about how important this job is and why Normal people would want the actual best person they could find

    law schools will tell you one typo on your resume will get you immediately tossed in the round file when applying for a *federal clerkship*, but apparently 4 or something accusations of sexual misconduct are not even a red flag when it comes to the Real Thing

  • Wed, 17:50: RT @aterkel: 1600 men signed a full-page NYT ad today in support of Christine Blasey Ford. It’s a throwback to the ad in 1991 when 1600 black women did this in support of Anita Hill. Organized by the Phenomenal Women Action Campaign.…
  • Wed, 11:00: It's no surprise that a deeply corrupt sexual predator judge was nominated for SCOTUS by a deeply corrupt sexual predator president. The bigger, systemic problem is a Congress enabling and placating deeply corrupt sexual predators.

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  • Wed, 17:35: I just said "Yeah, I got the fucking tamales!" out loud to my own Reminders app, as though it were being an unreasonable nag.