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  • Fri, 11:30: So I went ahead and watched AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR streaming on Netflix last night, and although I will concede that it is objectively better than the pile of garbage that was AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON (, I remain unconvinced that the long-nonexistent “stakes” have changed just because of this movie’s surprising downer of an ending.

    I decided to go ahead and watch this one largely because Black Panther plays a prominent role, being from one of the *very* few superhero films that actually stand apart and above the rest, but here he basically gets far less memorably slotted into one of many superhero story arcs that have already played out over and over. (Side note: maybe I’m just old, but I can never stop thinking about the ridiculous amount of property damage – and collateral damage – as a result of these endless super-battles. We see everything around them get destroyed, yet we never see even a hint of what must be taking exponentially longer to rebuild. If logic existed in this universe, there would be lasting broader consequences, damn it!)

    SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read on if you give a shit about that . . . INFINITY WAR’s “ending” did nothing to change my mind about avoiding superhero movies as a general rule, now longstanding because essentially immortal characters give you nothing to get emotionally invested in. I see no reason not to think some, maybe even all, of these characters will indeed arise yet again in future installments of the “MCU.” Big Bad Villain Thanos himself has a line in this movie that “Now is no time at all,” before he reverses time to his own ends, revealing a plot device that potentially renders everything meaningless, because it means everything that happened can be wiped out and changed and redone. In which case, what reason is there to care?

    YAWN. I won’t deny that I was relatively entertained for two and a half hours, but boy, I am as convinced as ever that not wasting the time and money to see this in the theatre was the right choice.
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