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-- चार हजार छह सौ तेरह --

Not much to report today, after my much longer than expected or intended post yesterday about my three-day, two-night visit to Las Vegas with Danielle. Speaking of which, all of the photos on Flickr are now tagged, if not all captioned; I have also copied and pasted captions from the requisite photo digest email I sent out last night into captions on even more photos among those albums. So, I've still got a ways to go on captioning every single photo from the trip (201 of them total) -- but, with the digest email's captions all pasted in there on a bunch of them, a good amount of further detail is now provided.

And that's how I spent the majority of my evening after work yesterday, actually. I rode my bike home from work, probably for the last time until next year given how cold it was in the morning (43°), and spent about an hour getting all the photos tagged (which does provide a little more contextual information even on the shot that still do not have captions). I fed the cats and made pasta for dinner, which yielded four containers for leftover lunches and then one more plate I left out for Shobhit after he got off work. I had it on my calendar that he would be off work at 8:15 and was a little mystified when he still wasn't home a full hour later; I texted him and he told me he took a couple extra hours from someone else who apparently needed to unload them. So, he did not actually get off work until 10:15.

Which was just as well, because I really did need the entire evening to get the photos tagged, and organized the way I wanted in that eight-album collection on Flickr, and then selected and pasted into a Gmail message where I wrote captions on 22 of them. I usually try to limit the number of photos to 18 per email, but couldn't let go of my attachment to these particular 22. I think this did cause complication with the size it therefore made the email take up in terms of megabytes, and at first the email would not send. I tried sending it via the Mail app on my phone, which seemed to work, except only five of the photos would actually load in the received email (I send it to myself and BCC the other 42 or so people I currently send these to). So, I had to send a second time, and this time it worked in full, but also caused a little bit of confusion, making Mary Ann (Uncle David's wife) think maybe I was deliberately sending two separate emails of photos as I sometimes do when I have a lot more photos to share (such as after my annual Birth Week, or after a longer than usual vacation or trip). I sent a follow-up email to everyone this morning just to clarify that they need only pay attention to the second email, and disregard the first.

Anyway, I was only just finishing it up when Shobhit got home from work around 10:30, and then I was getting ready for bed. I rather enjoyed spending the evening working on all that, though, and I listened to Heart's first five albums in a row, followed by their first greatest hits album covering those five previous, while I did it. It had been a few years since I had listened to so much Heart; I spend so much time listening to podcasts anymore, even favorite bands like Heart can have albums I used to listen to reliably once or more times each year reliably, now go two or more years without being heard. Such is life, I guess -- you get on in years and all your interests are competing with ever-greater numbers of other, newer interests.

-- चार हजार छह सौ तेरह --


-- चार हजार छह सौ तेरह --

I think I may be coming down with another cold. And, I think I caught it in Las Vegas. The dramatic change in weather did something weird to me. It wasn't unbearably hot there like it could have been, but it was still super dry, which dried up my sinuses and then somehow made them strangely, intermittently runny. And now I've got a really dry-feeling throat, falling just short of being legitimately "sore," and I keep coughing, just a little.

When Steven came by my desk to ask me a question this morning and started by asking how I'm doing, I said, "I'm all right. I think I'm coming down with a cold." Having seen my posts on Facebook the past few days, he immediately quipped, "That's what you get for partying on a weekday!" He laughed and said he was kidding (which I knew), but still I shrugged and just said, "Maybe."

Then he left and came back with four little 20ml bottles of Wishgarden herbal remedies, saying, "For whatever your symptoms are!" Steven works in Health and Body Care, and I have still never had a conversation about what snake-oil bullshit I now regard homeopathic remedies as (they are widely known to have no scientific basis, with literally zero peer-reviewed, duplicated research data to back up its claims; it was actually reading The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe that finalized my thoughts on this matter). But, HBC is the department he works in (and, as far as I know, always has); it could be said that he "drank the Kool-Aid" far too long ago to be swayed; I'm still going to take some of it because, why not? I didn't pay for it (these tiny bottles cost $14.99, what a racket!); and, all these points regardless, it was still very nice of him.

Just getting a good amount of rest is probably what I need more than anything, "herbal remedies" or no. I should perhaps try to get to bed early tonight. I don't feel terrible or even especially weak, and it kind of feels like this might be a minor bug that will pass relatively quickly. Let's hope.

-- चार हजार छह सौ तेरह --


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