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Because I still have Las Vegas on the mind -- I'm still systematically, kind of slowly, captioning the photos I still haven't captioned -- I became curious about something. I looked up a list of all 28 megahotels in Las Vegas, which show the number of rooms in each one; they range from 1,467 rooms at the Tropicana (where Jennifer and I stayed in 2013) to 6,852 rooms at the MGM Grand (where I have never stayed, but where I saw Madonna perform her Re-Invention tour in 2004; her Confessions tour in 2006; and her Sticky & Sweet tour in 2008). I pasted the data into excel to get a total number of rooms for those 28 megaresort hotels combined: 92,576.

If we assume the potential for two people per room, then the hotel room capacity for Las Vegas megaresort hotels alone is 185,152. That's well more than the population of Bellevue, and it doesn't even include the many, many much smaller hotels almost parasitically clinging to the peripheries of these giant hotels on the Strip.

That Wikipedia list isn't even complete, by the way. Danielle had told me when she was last in Las Vegas she stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, which is near but slightly off the Strip, and that one apparently has about 1500 rooms -- and is not included on that master list. So these are clearly very conservative estimates, as I don't know how many other similarly sized hotels have been excluded.

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-- चार हजार छह सौ चौदह --

What shall I tell you about last night then? Well, I did laundry. I spent quite a lot of time updating my budget, integrating all the single transactions I made in Las Vegas into the spreadsheet, then combining the two separate budget line items for savings earmarked for Australia and Las Vegas respective, into just one now for Australia (adding over $500 from an overestimate on the previous Vegas line item, but now still falling short of what I'll owe Shobhit for the Australia booked airfare, which is expected to exceed $3,000 once he knows all the foreign transaction fees have been posted to his Costco credit card account), then adding projected expenses for the next two weeks or pay period as I get paid today. It's all cleaned up and nice and readable now, in any case. I feel good about it!

We also watched episode 3 of the Netflix series The Politician, which I am enjoying.

My cold steadies on. I took NyQuil before going to bed last night, and when I got up this morning felt more congested than yesterday but seem to be feeling slightly better as the day goes on. So we'll see how that goes. I already reserved a seat for Joker in the AMC app for this evening at 5:30, even though I don't expect the movie to be great. By all accounts Juaquin Phoenix is great in it, though, so there's that I guess.

-- चार हजार छह सौ चौदह --


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