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  • Mon, 6:00: I sure hope this tweet gets a lot of attention!
  • Mon, 21:23: Amateur weather report from downtown Seattle: mist. No, snow. Wait -- mist. No, snow and rain mixed. Snow! (Okay, a couple of days of snow was fun. Now let's get on with the rain and wash it away please. I was relieved to move out of Eastern Washington 21 years ago to get away from this days on end shit!)
  • Mon, 16:13: Probably fewer than 20 people came to the office at all today; already down to only 3 left. It's about to go down to two!
  • Mon, 18:09: Shobhit bought tire chains as a precaution for when we went over the pass on our way to Idaho in December, and we wound up not needing them. He tried to return them, and they said he can only return them after winter if they don’t ever get used for six months. ‬

    ‪I kept telling him he should just keep them, because if he ever does need them he’ll sure be glad he had them. He really wanted that refund though, but had no choice but to keep them for now. ‬

    ‪Then today his car got stuck in the snow on 10th Ave E & E Roanoke. ‬


  • Mon, 19:35: Snow levels literally vary by neighborhood in Seattle proper, but "official" totals come from measurements at SeaTac Airport -- based on what I've been able to scour from varying sources online, this was what they've seen just since Friday:

    Friday 2/8: 6.4"
    Saturday 2/9: 1.5"
    Sunday 2/10: 3.5"
    Monday 2/11: 6.1" (so far)

    (Today I added 12 more shots to the latest snow photo album:
  • Mon, 01:55: Woke up in the middle of the night and both cats were sleeping on Shobhit’s side of the bed and I was like welll FUCK YOU TOO