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-- चार हजार पांच सौ पैंतीस --

We were promised rain yesterday, and it was . . . honestly a little pathetic. I could pretty easily have biked to work and back, honestly. But, whatever. I actually did use my umbrella for maybe the first five or ten minutes of my walk home, which does mean I would have gotten wetter than preferred had I been on my bike. The forecast for today is even less threatening, with no rain the forecast as of this morning until 5pm -- as of now, that's bumped to 6pm. Still just as well I have my umbrella, since I'm having drinks with Claudia this evening after work as a make-up for her unavailability during my Birth Week.

Anyway, I had the whole evening at home to myself. I made tacos for dinner and they were tasty. I made three for myself and seven for Shobhit, four for his late dinner last night and another three for a later lunch, as he requested. This was basically perfect for using up all of the veggie ground we had in the refrigerator.

And again, my unending gratitude and appreciation for the wireless AirPods: it's so much easier now to watch, and specifically listen, to something on my iPad while cooking. This time I put on the Amy Poehler-directed Netflix movie Wine Country, which I rather enjoyed. It did play a little like an old-school "TV movie" at times, and it really seemed like a far better fit as a Netflix release than a theatrical one. I wonder which version would have made her and the cast more money? It was nice to see Tina Fey in a movie role again, even if hers was the most supporting role out of all the supporting roles. It was otherwise a very ensemble cast and I really like all the women in it.

-- चार हजार पांच सौ पैंतीस --


-- चार हजार पांच सौ पैंतीस --

When the movie was done, I retired to the bedroom, where I intended to work on captioning Birth Week photos -- and instead, at first, did some more "album collection" organizing on Flickr. I have long had "Travels" collections, organized by year, of all the traveling I have done, excluding visits with my parents in Olympia, just because those happen so often that I feel like counting them would be cheating. (The only reasons I count visits to Mom and Bill's in Wallace, Idaho are a) it's out of state, rather than merely an hour drive away like Olympia; and b) it involves a stay in a hotel.) Last night, though, I added a new batch of collections, with a different contextualization than by year: trips, or basically vacations, taken with specific friends.

I thought of this when considering that Danielle and I have not taken a trip anywhere just the two of us since Portland in 2013, and the last time before that had been San Francisco and Oakland for the Madonna concert we went to in 2001! Well, and also the day trip via train to Portland that very same year, also with Barbara and her other friend Barb, if you count that, which I decided I would, since even though it was only a day trip it was out of state.

So anyway. Now I have collections for trips with Danielle, with Gabriel, and with Jennifer, the three people outside of my immediate family with whom I have gone on the most trips with. Right now Danielle and Jennifer are tied at four trips each (Gabriel with three, though I have done no traveling with him since 2001), which really puts Jennifer at #1 there since all four trips (Disneyland and Southern California 1989; Hawaii 1997-98; Disneyland 1999; Las Vegas 2013) were multiple days long. But! By the end of this year Danielle will be the clear winner, since I'll be adding not one, but two trips with her to the roster: first to Canada and Upstate New York at the end of this month; then our own trip to Vegas in September.

I get pretty easily distracted by fun organizational projects like this. But, I finally did get back on to captioning Birth Week photos, and I am now, finally, nearly done. All I have left to caption are the photos from the Public Sunday Sail with Shauna, on the last day of my Birth Week. That was a week and a half ago.

-- चार हजार पांच सौ पैंतीस --


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