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  • Thu, 7:15: It’s a brisk spring morning in Belltown, all the neighborhood dog walkers are out on every block, picking up fresh dog turds with their own two hands. 😎 💩 ‬
  • Thu, 8:36: We already had four guys named Chris working at the office and we just hired a fifth! Are they just slowly replacing all of us with Chrises?? They're here already! You're next! YOU’RE NEXT, YOU’RE NEEEXT!!
  • Thu, 18:16: For the dog lovers.
  • Thu, 19:08: All my life I hated wine. Somehow in the late 2010s I’ve turned a corner and started liking it. Now I’m even taking (okay, free through my husband) wine classes. I’m learning stuff!
  • Thu, 20:14: I think I found my weapon of choice!
  • Thu, 21:58: Oh great now Batman is going to sparkle in the sun.