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-- चार हजार पांच सौ चवालीस --

Low-key DLU today! I mean, I could share the salacious details of my (pretty excellent) time at Steamworks yesterday evening while Shobhit was working a swing shift, but most readers here won't want that. I am nothing if not considerate!

What else should I tell you about, then? I am otherwise relatively steeped in getting the captioning done on all the photos from last week's travels. I've got two of the ten photo albums completely finished, although those first two albums only have 22 and 33 shots, respectively (and five of those shots are actually in both albums).

Hmm. Have I told you yet that I booked our two nights in Portland for next weekend? Well, I did! We found a place called Economy Inn to the north and across the river from downtown, but with 23-minute MAX light rail access to downtown (or hell, we could walk those three miles in an hour). Last time Shobhit and I stayed in Portland we stayed in a downtown high-rise hotel but this time we're all about the budgeting and Shobhit insisted on finding a place with free parking, which really narrowed down our options. A name like "Economy Inn" sounds kind of sketchy but it has fairly good ratings on and I got this place through them for $170.65, or $85.33 per night after taxes and fees. Any place actually downtown cost a lot more.

That's all about next weekend, though, starting on Thursday. This weekend is a bit of a respite from packed-itinerary traveling. I'll probably be home all evening tonight and then tomorrow and the next day I'm just seeing movies.

-- चार हजार पांच सौ चवालीस --


-- चार हजार पांच सौ चवालीस --

Je-sus Christ! I was going to be posting this about an hour later than usual, because we had our semi-regular office Town Hall followed by a provided lunch, and I stayed at lunch far longer than usual, as I wound up talking a lot with Andrew, who complimented my Pokemon Detective Pikachu review, and also Noah, about movies and games and (mostly with Andrew) a little bit of politics. It was 1:30 by the time I got back to my computer, and I usually try to return from my lunch break at 12:30. To be fair, it was probably 12:30 before the Town Hall meeting even broke for lunch.

But then? First off, my computer keeps getting all wonky after being on sleep mode, where my second monitor refuses to come back on, necessitating a restart. I couldn't even quite get to that stage yet though, because Ellen needed assistance with a process she is new to and I have been doing for a few years, and I'm basically the only one around who can help her. I got back from that and that was when I had to reboot my computer, which itself took its damn sweet ass time, so I went to the bathroom.

I came back, and Ellen needed help with something else. These damned people insisting I attend to work matters when I'm usually working! The nerve!

I guess it at least gave me a little to talk about here where otherwise I'd have little to nothing with which to fill this space. I guess I could mention this: there is someone who works at the office who I think I may have seen at Steamworks last night, leaving as I came in. He gave me a friendly smile as we passed but we had passed each other before it even registered who it might have been. And now I'm not even certain it was actually him, and what kind of social etiquette is there in such a scenario, anyway? I barely acknowledged him last night, not realizing who it might be; and it actually might very well not have been him, which would certainly make it even more awkward than it already would be to bring it up today in a place as inappropriate as work. I keep thinking about it but I guess I don't have much choice but just to move on with my life.

So I guess I'll do that.

-- चार हजार पांच सौ चवालीस --


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