Volunteer Park Pride Festival


Let the Pride festivities begin!

Note the rainbow flag at the bottom of the frame in the photo above. I took this shot from the top of the Volunteer Park Water Tower this afternoon, in the hopes of getting some from-above photos of this year's Volunteer Park Pride Festival.

Shobhit and I joined Evan an Elden to go to this event two years ago, in 2017. We didn't go last year because it happend on the Saturday we left town to go visit Mom and Bill in Wallace, Idaho before moving on to our five nights in Yellowstone National Park or our anniversary.

This year, there was no conflict with our anniversary -- but, Shobhit had to work at Total Wine & More. So, after Laney and I went to see Rocketman (which was pretty good) downtown, she accompanied me to walk from the Capitol Hill Light Rail Station to Volunteer Park.

The thing is, if this event -- which seems aimed at being the "more family friendly" Pride event of the year, although the same has already been done of pretty much every other Pride event in existence -- is missed, there's no feeling like we missed much at all. There is live entertainment very much akin to stages at any actual Pride Weekend event; the same booths are seen as can be seen pretty much anywhere. It's basically Pride Lite, or Pride Preview.

We weren't there for very long -- Laney far less even than I was. She strolled with me around the booths for a few minutes, and then said, "I can be ready to go any time." I had gotten about seven photos by that point.

I still wanted to get enough to justify a full photo album on Flickr, though, so I stayed a few minutes after Laney parted ways with me and went home. I walked around the park, and particularly up the Water Tower, just to fill out the photo album, which ultimately has 24 shots in it -- admittedly, none of them super fascinating, at least not within the context of Pride. I did manage to get one shot of a hot young shirtless guy just so I could already start my annual "Random Hot Guys" photo album for Pride. It'll be another three weeks before I can add any new shots to that album.

So then I walked home, wrote my movie review, processed and captioned all the day's new photos. I still have a few hundred photos from last week's travels to caption too, and I hope to get back to working on that after dinner, which I think I'll get to making right now.

[posted 6:11 pm]