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  • Fri, 5:45: Itโ€™s happened AGAIN you guys! Weโ€™re all another day closer to death! Happy Friday! ๐ŸŽ‰ ๐ŸŽˆ
  • Fri, 8:26: Okay why the FUCK is Firefox showing me this shit when I just open a new tab?? (Oh look, itโ€™s President Harding in the beginning stages of bestial courtship with vermin! I hope he got rabies in his dick!)
  • Fri, 12:51: Today I learned that Washington State is not only home to the longest floating bridge in the world -- which I have known for ages -- but also home to the *three* longest floating bridges in the world:

    Evergreen Point Floating Bridge (SR 520, 1963, rebuilt 2016), U District to Bellevue: floating span 1.46 miles

    Lacey V. Murrow Memorial bridge (I-90, 1940, rebuilt 1993), Seattle to Mercer Island: floating span 1.25 miles

    Hood Canal Bridge (SR 104, 1961), Kitsap Peninsula to Olympic Peninsula: floating span 1.24 miles
  • Fri, 20:50: RT @Molly_Kats: Needed this