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-- चार हजार पांच सौ अस्सी सात --

Not much in the way of updates today. Yesterday I went straight to Lower Queen Anne to the SIFF Cinemas Uptown Theatre to the 5:30 showing of The Reports on Sarah and Saleem, which I liked quite a lot.

That said, it was indeed a subtitled foreign film playing at 5:30 on a Wednesday afternoon, so I was one of only four people in that screening room. I got there pretty early, not having time to get home and back down there again before the movie, and when I arrived there was just one young-ish person in there, an Asian woman sitting in the far back left corner. A middle-aged Asian man who seemed to know her arrived, and they spoke briefly about where they liked to sit; the woman mentioned the guy's apparently preferred spot in the middle of the back row (which is actually further forward than that back seat she was in, which goes a few rows back further on the far side of the room, like three seats per row; there's a small wall behind where I sat), and then said, "I think someone is sitting there already." She was referring to me.

The very center seat is marked with a handicapped wheelchair logo, although I could not at all see how that was a handicapped seating spot, as otherwise it was just like all the other seats. Does the push-down seat remove, maybe? Fuck if I know. In any case, I sat in the seat just to the right of it. So that middle aged man came and sat in the seat on the other side of it, so two seats down from me. The younger woman joined him and sat on the other side of it. The only other person to come see this movie was an older white guy who sat on the far right side of the theatre.

At different points during the movie, I saw both of these men, either middle-aged or older, nodding off. For once, it wasn't me.

After the movie, I rode my bike back home, and instead of writing the movie review, I made chai, which was just ready when Shobhit got home from work. Shobhit is working lots of evening hours this week, and even getting off at 8:15 last night, that's still two hours earlier than he gets off tonight or tomorrow night, so I wanted to spend a little time with him rather than writing my review. I wrote the review this morning instead.

I heated up some leftovers for Shobhit to eat for a late dinner with his chai, which we both spiked with some Fireball whiskey, and we sat down and watched this week's episode of Pose -- which, I must say, I truly loved, so much so that I had to post about it. It was absent most of the plot contrivances the rest of that series' episodes tend to have, and was also an unusually optimistic, in addition to empowering, episode. Shobhit and I both kept expecting the episode to end with some drag of a cliffhanger, which never came. It occurred to me about halfway through that the young women were all having such a good time this episode, experiencing joy and hope they are not often allowed, that if it ended with that still being the tone without anything bringing it down, I would really like that better. And then it actually gave me what I wanted, and I immediately declared it to be my favorite episode of the entire series so far.

Then we watched an episode of season 9 of Cheers and then I went to bed.

-- चार हजार पांच सौ अस्सी सात --


-- चार हजार पांच सौ अस्सी सात --

Anything else? Not much! I ate my lunch out on the patio again, this time on my own, enjoying the ever-changing skyline view as always. There was also a nice sea breeze coming in from the Sound that was very cool and pleasant. And, once I finished, I took a moment to look down on Myrtle Edwards Park, which is directly across the railroad tracks from our building (beyond which is the water), where a lot of setup is happening for this year's HempFest, apparently in its 28th year. I don't know that I've been back since Shobhit and I went probably over a decade ago and he stupidly bought pot cookies off a random guy there selling them in ziplock bags, he got way too high, and we had to leave after ordering but before eating at the Old Spaghetti Factory (the building for which has now been converted into condos).

I used to be otherwise pretty indifferent to HempFest, but now every year it's a bit of a pain in the ass, as you can't even go down Elliott Avenue from my work building in a normal way on a bike because of crowd control barriers set up along the block. We'll see how it goes tomorrow, though, as so many of us at work will be taking our sailboat ride that was Justine's idea. Scott says he has too much work to do so he won't be joining, but I guess 16 of us have RSVPed with interest, including Noah, Lynne and Steven, all people I enjoy. We haven't had an official "Merchandising Department outing" since we did mini golf at Flatstick Pub in January. We don't do these things often, but as of this year at least, when we do them, we make it count.

That excursion tomorrow kicks off a weekend that also includes a Happy Hour with Laney and her friend Julie tomorrow evening; shopping unusually early Saturday morning before seeing a movie with Karen; a drive to Olympia Saturday afternoon that hopefully includes a Gina-guided tour of the Olympia Police Department where she works; staying the night with Jennifer in Shelton; and then this year's "Family and Friends" get-together, to be the fourth one in as many years but, presumably, the first not to feature Eric. Then I drive home! So I've got a busy weekend ahead. And the one after that too, as that's when Shobhit and I go visit Sara in Denver. I'm very excited about it.

-- चार हजार पांच सौ अस्सी सात --


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