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  • Sun, 10:54: A bit of an “aside” in a recent Washington Post article explaining why the hottest day of the year is so much later than the summer solstice in places around large amounts of water.

    In other words, we are already well and truly fucked. At this point any human breeding should really be considered child abuse.
  • Sun, 11:24: Northgate Mall is already quite the ghost town.
  • Sun, 13:46: Well this is my new favorite typo. #pukeplacemarket
  • Sun, 17:46: If "octopus" comes from the Greek for "eight foot," I feel like an insect should be called "hexapus." I guess a dog or a cat would be "tetrapus." A human would be "dipus." If you have an amputee friend you could give him the nickname "monopus." Let's get it going!
  • Sun, 23:04: @onemorebitener @nwfoodette For some reason I thought you two should see this.