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  • Thu, 5:45: Dreamt I went to see the Broadway production of "Moulin Rouge!" with Shobhit and I was the only person in the audience who was buck naked and nobody gave a shit. My only issue was finding enough toilet paper when I went to the bathroom to pee and could not stop dribbling.
  • Thu, 10:36: I had no idea I was reading a book about suicide in the middle of National Suicide Prevention Week, that's just a happy accident!
  • Thu, 11:35: Dragging the map around on @GoogleMaps now reflects the curvature of the Earth and my favorite thing about it is imagining how much it must be driving Flat-Earthers mad.
  • Thu, 13:24: RT @MattOswaltVA: so it WAS Adam and Steve! nypost Turns out famed skeletons of 'Lovers of Modena' were both dudes
  • Thu, 06:08: I live three blocks from those towers! RT dannyngan One lightning strike to the Capitol Hill radio towers. September 12, 2019.