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I think my cold is a bit better today than it was yesterday -- less feeling if sinus heaviness in my head; less frequent sneezing and/or nose blowing. Things are looking up!

In other news, I spent a stupid amount of time organizing a new collection of photo albums on Flickr, specific to extended vacations, "extended" being defined as an at-minimum five-day trip, so it has to be too long to qualify as a "weekend getaway"; and excluding any of the regular monthly visits I had with Shobhit while he lived in New York or Los Angeles. Because, at times, I extended visits beyond the standard four-day weekend with him, for things like Thanksgiving, but those never felt like "vacations." Rather, they were still pretty much routine.

This collection is close to but not quite the same as, and therefore not to be confused with, the longer "Miscellaneous Vacations" collection, vacations there being defined as being to places two or more states away from home, no matter how long or short the duration, but also excluding the routine trips to New York and L.A. 2010-2016. So this one includes briefer trips rather far away, to both Chicago (four days) and Denver (three days). This is a pretty minor distinction, but a "vacation," I feel, has the connotation of lasting more than just a few days that could be covered by a weekend and taking only one day off of work at most (those ones I generally have organized under "Weekend / Extended Trips & Visits", which includes local getaways as well). Also, just in terms of organizational detail, "Miscellaneous Vacations" is a collection of single photo albums, including only "day 1" of what might be multiple albums for a given trip; "Extended Vacations," on the other hand, is a collection of collections, and therefore includes all photo albums for all of said vacations.

I have too much time on my hands. Or maybe I just spend too much time on certain things. Whatever.

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-- चार हजार पांच सौ सत्तानवे --

I finished my library book last night, Trains, Buses, People: An Opinonated Atlas of US Transit, having finished it in barely more than two weeks. I enjoyed reading it so much, I felt almost lost when it was done. I want to read more of something that engages me this much! It's so rare to find such a thing.

I then wrote my blurb about it in my ongoing draft of the Book Log post I was publish at the end of the year, probably writing the longest such blurb so far. As much I I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, I could not in good conscience give it a higher grade than a solid B, knocking it down from A- or even B+ because of how riddled it is with copy editing errors. The typos on nearly every page are kind of insane, and I can't remember ever reading a published book of any kind with so many mistakes in it.

I had happily gone to the bedroom to read while Shobhit turned on news that was focusing on ongoing "Brexit" chaos in the UK -- it occurred to me that nothing else has ever occurred within my lifetime in the UK that has gotten so much press attention in the U.S. I wish I had realized, however, that the climate change town hall for the Democratic presidential candidates was airing on CNN all evening; otherwise I would have spent hours watching that, instead of more episodes of Cheers later in the evening after Shobhit made us chai.

-- चार हजार पांच सौ सत्तानवे --


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