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-- चार हजार पांच सौ अठानवे --

So yesterday I left work and rode my bike straight to the AMC 10 in the U District to see Blinded by the Light, which has actually been out for a while and which I actually did not have that much interest in at first. But, Laney had emailed me to ask if I wanted to see it with her on Saturday the 24th, and I had to decline because Shobhit and I flew to Denver that morning. I would have gone just due to her much higher interest than mine, but I was also fine with just letting it go. I'm just not that into Bruce Springstein.

But, then Laney later told me she was completely charmed by it, and I wanted to see a movie yesterday and it was, at this point, simply the best option. So off I went. And, I did quite enjoy it -- certainly more than Yesterday, which I never would have expected a month ago.

I then rode my old bike-commute (pre-2016) back home, getting in basically an extra half hour of biking exercise for the day. I made myself a veggie hot dog for dinner, wrote my movie review, and was in bed and sound asleep quite soon thereafter. Shobhit got off work at 10:15 last night and I was dead to the world by the time he got home, whenever that was exactly; nothing woke me up until my alarm went off this morning. I really zonked out, for some reason being more tired than usual last night.

-- चार हजार पांच सौ अठानवे --


-- चार हजार पांच सौ अठानवे --

What else can I tell you? Not much, really. I have a birthday party to attend tomorrow evening. I looked up her precise birthday on Facebook and discovered Lea was born on September 11. Yeesh. If I remember right that she was born in 1984, then she would have turned 17 in 2001. Now I'm dying to find out how her day went that day. I'm always fascinated when I meet people whose birthdays are September 11. One of them, Rafe from the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Chorus, used to say his birthday was on "the day the world ended." It basically ruined his birthday for him, as presumably it did a lot of people. I don't think even that could ruin my birthday for me, though. Like, what if a domestic terrorist attack of unprecedented scale and casualty occurred on April 30? Do you think that would make me stop celebrating my Birth Week? Hell to the no!

Anyway. I just ate my lunch out on the patio with Terry and Steven, which was pleasant as always. We've never really talked about it but all three of us are gay; it literally occurred to me just this second that I've never seen three of the gay employees drawn to each other as often as we seem to be. Terry will be retiring soon though, at which point I know Steven is aiming to have her vacated position.

And I'm over here, still doing basically the same things as ever. Fine by me!

-- चार हजार पांच सौ अठानवे --


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