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-- चार हजार एक सौ पचासी --

I have a minor headache today. I've had seemingly a ton of them over the past few months -- much more frequently than usual, even though I have a history of headaches (frequent migraines as a child, and less severe ones as an adult still often enough that I have long kept a bottle of Aleve with me at all times). I'm not sure exactly the frequency currently, but I'd guess at least once every one to two weeks. Lately they have never been particularly bad, particularly once I take the Aleve, but it's still getting annoying.

-- चार हजार एक सौ पचासी --

As I mentioned earlier this week, after the quiet evening at home on Wednesday, yesterday kicked off eight days straight in which I have at least one thing or another planned -- and starting tomorrow, all three days this weekend I have at least two things scheduled on each day with separate friends or family, even on Friday evening! (That'll be Happy Hour with Laney followed by a movie with Ivan.) I was going to see Suburbicon with Danielle late Saturday morning but when I texted her to confirm the earliest showing at the theatre she said she wanted to go to, she wrote back that now she was seeing The Nutcracker that evening and didn't want to be sitting for that long in one day. "Can you be spontaneous?" she said, when suggesting we play it by ear and consider seeing it after work on Thursday.

I can when I haven't planned the entire rest of the weekend around having made that plan on Saturday morning to begin with! Sheesh. But, it all worked out: Claudia was willing to swap bunch at her place Sunday morning to Saturday, so now Danielle and I will see the movie Sunday morning. Now she also wants to get breakfast beforehand, which I initially resisted a little but then I remembered Karen had to cancel lunch today so I guess that evens out. Still, now I'll be eating out twice on Sunday: first with Danielle then the early dinner with Auntie Rose -- hopefully, anyway: I haven't yet gotten confirmation from her, although she was indeed the first one to suggest a 4pm dinner that day.

At least today isn't that packed. I'm just getting my semiannual haircut after work.

-- चार हजार एक सौ पचासी --


-- चार हजार एक सौ पचासी --

So how about last night, then? I went to yet another movie -- the thirteenth I've seen this month alone (12th I wrote a review for, as the first was a re-issue screening of the original Blade Runner), and by Monday I'll have added three more to that list, making it 15 -- the most I''ll have seen in a single month all year. (Previous record for 2017 is 13 movies in one month, in both March and May.) By the end of the year I'll still fall far short of my year-end record of 134 movies I saw in 2012, though; other months this year haven't been quite as glutted (I only went to the movies five times in April) -- once this month is over, I'll be at 92 movies year to date. If you average 10 movies a month, I'm liable to be at somewhere around 112 movies by the end of the year. I do see a lot of movies in November and December typically, though, since it's Oscar-bait season, so it could be a few more than that.

Anyway! I saw Marshall, about Thurgood Marshall -- flawed, but decent movie. I saw it at 6:05 at the Meridian downtown, which I walked to after being home for roughly half an hour after biking from work. I really thought I'd be done with biking for the year by now, but it has remained relatively warm (for late October) and dry this week. But, because I want to get my hair done on my way home and have a book handy, I did not ride today and will walk. Same case tomorrow for going straight to Happy Hour with Laney.

I walked home after the movie, which ended after 8:00, so it was well after 8:30 by the time I got home. I had my review written by 9:30, but also dealt with Shanti, who puked twice before the movie and twice after the movie, exhausting my supply of Resolve Carpet Cleaner. I was super paranoid that she would puke again and I would have nothing with which to clean it, so I drove Shobhit's car to Bartell Drugs to get a new bottle real quick. I only did that so I could get the errand run as quickly as possible; even with that, it was nearly 10:30 before I finally had gotten ready for bed and was climbing under the covers.

-- चार हजार एक सौ पचासी --


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